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World of Warcraft Classic How to Get a Mount

2019-08-13 17:57:00

We have created this guide in order to help you get a mount in the game World of Warcraft: Classic, which will be very useful to know how to secure a mount as fast in the game.

We know that get a mount is a prefilege in Vanilla WoW, and it will be a very important moment that you should experience when you level up, as you know most of the frames are taken for granted in the World of Warcraft version, so If you are an experienced player, you know the difficulty of running on foot. You should also remember the wind that feels in your hair when you have obtained enough gold.

What are the differences between the World of Warcraft and World of Warcraft Classic mounts

If there are notable differences to the mounts that you are used to, first of all there is no mounting tab to get your horse, the mounts will be in the inventory. On the other hand, the launch time only has three seconds in World of Warcraft Classic unlike the 1.5 seconds of the current version, in this new game its mount is nothing so you must disassemble it before jumping into the deep water to swim.

Getting a flying mount is impossible because there aren't any in this new version of World of Warcraft Classic, so you won't be able to jump large extensions of the map when you get up. You should know that in this game the mounts are joined in a team, this allows you if you have friends and they have a discount on the mount you want you have the options to buy it or change it.

How to Get a mount in World of Warcraft: Classic

To get a mount you must have the ability to mount it, for this you must reach level 40 so you can train your ability to mount it. Then you must reach the maximum level in World of Warcraft Classic which is 60 there you must learn the epic driving ability to drive faster.

Once you manage to get a mount, the first and most economical of the process is to acquire the driving skill that will cost 20 gold and if you have a discount it will come out at 16 gold, with this you will mount a normal mount. So if you want to mount a faster epic mount you must update this skill.

In World of Warcraft Classic it only allows you to buy the driving skill corresponding to your race, but if you are exalted with a fraction of another race if you can acquire it. If you are entering a Undead you can only buy Undead cavalry and you will have to ride a skeletal horse until you manage to update your statistics with another fraction.

What are the Horde Factions and Coaches in World of Warcraft Classic

  • Next we will mention some of them so that the fences knowing:
  • Tauren (Thunder Bluff Faction): riding Kodo
  • Troll (Black Spear Trolls Faction): Mount Raptors
  • Undead (Undercity Faction): Undead Cavalry
  • Orc (Orgrimmar Faction): Mount Wolf
  • Coach: Kar Stormsinger in Bloodhoof Village (Mulgore)

It is also important that you know some of the Factions and Coaches Alliances, here is a small list of them:

  • Coach: Jartsam in the Cenarioso Enclave (Darnassus)
  • Coach: Binjy Featherwhistle in Kharanos (Dun Morogh)
  • Gnome (Gnomeregan Exile Faction): Mechanostrider Piloting
  • Dwarf (Forge Faction): Mount Ram
  • Coach: Randal Hunter at Eastvale Logging Camp (Elwynn Forest)
  • The others you will meet during the game.

Can I have a discount when I buy World of Warcraft Classic frames?

It is very safe to get a mount with discount where you get 10% less on your purchase if you are honored in the fraction where you are buying a mount and training, also if you are in rank 3 in PvP you can get a 10% discount, but It will only be available in a future update of Face 2.

In World of Warcraft Classic, these two classes after completing several missions it is possible to get a free mount, of course it is not so easy you must invest a lot of time to achieve it and time is worth gold. Once you reach level 60 after a chain of missions in this class it will allow you to get the fastest assembly, but, the 2 missions cost a lot of gold. Final quests will only be available when Face 2 is updated.

Thank you for choosing us, we hope you have been useful through this guide of World of Warcraft Classic, and you manage to get a mount following the guidelines outlined in it, keep in mind that some missions and discounts will only be available when Phase 2 has been updated.

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