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Find out How to get Mooncloth Bag in Season of Discovery in WoW SoD in this excellent and explanatory guide.

What to know about the Moon Cloth Bag in Season of Discovery in WoW SoD?

During the third phase of the discovery season it is practically impossible, considering that we are required to be at level 300, but this stage the maximum we can achieve is 250, now looking for answers regarding How to get Mooncloth Bag in Season of Discovery in WoW SoD let's follow the following content carefully.

How to get Mooncloth Bag in Season of Discovery in WoW SoD?

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Fortunately, this elusive bag will be available once we begin the fourth phase in early June. Following the usual pattern of a two-month gap between phases in Season of Discovery, the fourth phase is scheduled to begin in June. However, obtaining the recipe for this coveted bag poses a significant challenge. It can only be obtained from open world bosses, namely Lethon, Azuregos, Taerar, Ysondre, and Lord Kazzak, each with a variable drop rate of 0.8 to 1.9 percent. Despite the slim odds, this is still the best method to purchase the prescription. Although there is a possibility of finding the recipe in safes and chests, it is not a reliable option. Until the fourth phase arrives, we can begin to gather the necessary materials to make the Mooncloth bag, among which four rays of cloth stand out. rune, a moon cloth and a rune thread.

While Rune Thread can be purchased from vendors, four Rune Cloth Rays can be obtained from the Auction House or crafted from Fel Cloth. By using a moonwell found in various places in Azeroth, such as Ashenvale or Feralas, we can create a mooncloth every four days.

In conclusion, knowing How to get Mooncloth Bag in Season of Discovery in WoW SoD allows us to safely make progress in the game and in our fun.

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