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Will Apex Legends have the mobile version?

2019-02-25 15:13:31

Although the launch of Apex Legends is still recent, its users are already on the lookout for an announcement of the popular mobile royale battle. "Where is the mobile version of Apex Legends?" One player commented on Twitter, another asked: "Does anyone know if Apex Legends is coming to mobile?".

Since February 4, when Apex Legends was released, it has seen its popularity have grown in less than a month to levels of other popular battle royale such as Fornite and PUBG. The game that is also in the same universe that Titanfall was launched on both PS4 and Xbox One and PC.

It was so overwhelming its launch that managed to get a total of 25 million people registered in the title only during the first week according to its developer Respawn Entertainment. And for the number of users that are handled does not seem that this fashion will happen in a short time. And as each game that becomes popular receives its mobile version, players of Apex Legends do not stop wondering if this will also receive their own. Now, is it a fact that this version comes to light?

Officially the mobile version of Apex Legends has not yet been announced by any source or by its developers, however, if it is expected that at some point this version will see light. We have already seen how it happened with PUBG or Fornite, who were initially published on consoles and PCs and then see its launch on mobile devices. It is unthinkable that EA seeing the popularity acquired by the game in such a short time does not have in mind to expand in some way the way to approach Apex, is a company that already has experience in mobile versions of their titles in addition.

Drew McCoy, lead producer of Respawn told Eurogamer that there was nothing he could say right now about mobile versions and Nintendo Switch. This could be taken as there may be some kind of plan but it is still too early to reveal anything. In addition, we must emphasize again that the game is in the Titanfall universe, and this has already seen its mobile version made.

Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA, during the announcement of earnings for the third quarter of 2019 hinted that they are interested in both a mobile version and implementing the cross game: "We are studying how to bring the game to mobile and cross-game with time". He also added that they expected Apex Legends to be a success on the Asian continent.

While we are not clear when the release of the mobile version of the title could come, we know that it is focused on the ideas of those responsible. This leaves us with the expectation of seeing Apex Legends Mobile sometime this year.