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2022-06-28 08:38:38

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Valorant has many interesting things for us and that is why today we will tell you how to hide my name.

Why hide the name in Valorant?

  Because this is a favorable mechanic that we have and that allows us to be able to protect ourselves in some particular cases, so knowing How to hide my name is an action that you can apply to mislead some enemies that you may come across, to prevent these can see us, it is ideal to make the name simply not be visible, this is a very useful task because sometimes crossing enemies in this shooting game can be overwhelming.

How to hide my name in Valorant?

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    • It is necessary to move to the Configuration menu and for this it will only be enough to press the ESC button on the keyboard or, failing that, by clicking on the gear icon that is located in the upper right corner of our screen.
    • Then, we verify that this is the General tab and scroll down in order to reach the privacy options.

    We get two specific options that we will detail below:

     Hide my name from players outside my group: with this option in Valorant the name appears as "I" for us who are playing, in the case of the player, he will see us as Player 1-5 during the Agent selection, then as the Agent name for other players.

     Make use of generic names for players outside my group: this is another option that is favorable to know How to hide my name, this option allows us to have anonymous names on the screen and only make them visible with our Agent names, here we can change Privacy and Anonymity completely and activate them, this allows those outside the group not to see our username or those who are playing in our group.

     Note: by making use of these actions we can ensure that the snipers do not ruin the games for us.

     We can conclude this guide on How to hide my name, it will be enough to engage in these described actions and thus continue to take advantage of Valorant.

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