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Find out how to get Ignition player card in this excellent and explanatory Valorant guide.

What to know about Valorant?

A series of events have been prepared that will be part of the third episode for this interesting first-person shooter game, on the occasion of a year since its launch, before it had been said that free cards would arrive and the first one that is about the Ignition player card, now to find out how to get it you have to consider the following details.

How to get Ignition player card in Valorant?

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    We have this card in our inventory, it is not the same as the others that required a code to redeem them, now we can only claim it simply, this card is related to episode 1 of the game, thus showing all the agents that it could be played At the time of launch, the same will happen with the following cards that will correspond to episodes 2 and 3, from June 14 it is possible to claim the one corresponding to episode 2 and on June 22 the one corresponding to episode 2 that becomes part of the YR1 event pass.

      We hope that the detailed information here on How to Ignition player card has been useful for your fun at Valorant.

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