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We are back at Valorant and this allows us to explain how to fix error 39.

What is error 39 in Valorant?

The failures are nothing to write home about, only that sometimes they tend to cause us many inconveniences, as some have simple solutions, others are somewhat more complex, in this sense, error 39 usually appears when logging in to the Riot Games servers, or sometimes in the middle of the game, as this failure is related to the server's connectivity, as there is a possibility that they are down or under maintenance and that is where this failure is shown, let's see how to solve it.
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    How to fix error 39 in Valorant?

      This failure tends to appear and bother us recently and is associated with the server's connectivity, for which it is necessary:


    •   Launch the Riot Games client.
    • If the failure is not resolved, we must take a look at the internet connection, for which it will only be enough to restart the router and the PC.
    • If the problem still persists, we must send a support ticket to Riot where we explain the failure.
    • There is the option of reinstalling the game, but this is the last alternative to apply, not only in this failure but in any that may occur, because before reaching this end it is vital to exhaust all the possibilities of solution.


    Now that you know how to fix error 39 it is ideal to try it and in this way continue playing Valorant with all normality, good luck.

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