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Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts: How to complete Kolchak Harbor mission

2019-11-28 11:09:17

We are walking around here to tell you everything you need to know about completing the Kolchak Harbouren Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts mission

This is a mission in which the main objective is to eliminate many elements that include certain quite complex characters such as the oil tycoon, so to mention some, that is why we carry out this guide so you know how to complete Kolchak Harbor mission

Where is Kolchack port in Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts?

The port is located in Siberia, a place quite covered with snow, which presents a landscape with a certain resemblance to the Altai mountains, here we must do everything possible for nothing, since this causes us to lose health due to the Icy waters, it is necessary to stay alive to know how to complete Kolchak Harbor mission, check the map below, so you have a clearer idea.

How to hack the electronic logbook in Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts?

This notebook is part of the challenges that we must complete to know how to complete Kolchak Harbor mission, for this we need to continue in the direction of the mountain road, where there will be at least about 20 enemy soldiers, whom we can sleep using the barrels that explode in order to be able to secure our course, this occurs after we have been told that we should go to the lighthouse, because due to the high this offers us the possibility of having a better view of the panorama, once the soldiers enemies are asleep finally we will go to the office that is a little later, because there is the terminal of the precious notebook that we are looking for to hack.

When we are located in the lighthouse, we will have the possibility to observe certain objectives, since we have the advantage because we are high, and this allows us to expand our view, and many of those objectives will not be able to reach us, as we have already killed a few, we will continue shooting at a building that is in front of us, which has a very interesting object and is nothing more and nothing less than a token and intelligence, with this already in our account we get off the lighthouse and go to the objective that we have in mind and is to eliminate Leonid Nizhlev, whom we will see wandering relatively close in the cargo containers.

Why eliminate Sekhov in Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts?

Sekhov is an enemy to which we must eliminate, since it is part of the objectives that we must discard, to get to the place where it is found that it is an office that is guarded by guards, towards him we go after having eliminated Nizhlev , along the way to our objective we will meet a number of soldiers, as well as several snipers who will be watching, and we will move through passageways which take us directly to the main port of Kolchak.

Once we eliminate Selkov it is also important to eliminate the wife, since she is also in the office, so we do our best not to generate the alarm and make her go to the helipad in order to board the helicopter, only we will not give her a chance and kill her, because we must take away the smartphone she brings with her, since although it seems irrelevant this is part of the necessary details to know how to complete Kolchak Harbor mission.

What is the last objective we should eliminate to know how to complete Kolchak Harbor mission in Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts?

The last objective that we will tear down is the icebreaker bridge, which we must bring down for them. We need to make use of the C4, for this we will have to introduce a bit of C4 in certain positions that have been marked, near the first opening we find the first one, we continue walking and we observe that through the corridor there is another place where to place more C4, then we will move up to where the extraction point will be, which leads us to finish the second level in the game, here the important thing is that when we are planting the C4 there is no one by the coast, because this causes that nobody bothers us.

What are the challenges of the Kolchak port in Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts?

Execute 5 deaths in a row: this is a challenge that allows us to obtain the “combat consciousness”, in order to execute these murders we will have to approach our enemies, who are curled up, here we only follow the indications and stab the enemies, this really It is a simple task.

  • Blast 10 enemies: this challenge is part of knowing how to complete Kolchak Harbor mission, this is another fairly easy task, as it is only necessary to make use of fragmentation grenades, or failing that, we can use some mines and voila.
  • Eliminate 3 enemies with mines: here it is important to get the advantage in "Sensitive Trigger" in Gadget Skills, because here our goal is to get some anti-tank mines, which are great so that when the enemies pass they can explode, in Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts and with this can eliminate the patrol, these mines can be planted in the area of ​​the bridge, because placing it in the middle of the road will be ideal.

  • Eliminate Olga Kurchatova and Igor Selhov without giving alarm: here the ideal is to make use of the bullets, it will be a sniper rifle, here it is necessary to maintain caution, because they are surrounded by many soldiers.
  • Eliminate Nizhlev in the first 5 minutes: this is perhaps one of the fastest challenges we can execute in Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts which is part of knowing how to complete Kolchak Harbor mission, as this is just the beginning of this mission, for this it is necessary go to the dock, there we will see the ledge that allows us to sneak in the direction of the cargo containers, within them is our goal which we must kill in Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts.
  • Complete the challenges without triggering the alarm: the main objective to know How to complete the Kolchak Harboures mission of not activating the alarm, so we must do all our executions with caution so that the enemies do not feel alerted in Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts and that everything ends spoiling, because on all sides we pass there are enemies, either on the dock in the port or simply on the sides of the port.

We hope that our guide will be useful, and fulfill our goal set to make it easier to know how to complete Kolchak Harbor mission in Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts, so run it and continue to the next level.

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