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Warframe: How To Get Nitain Extract - tips and tricks

2019-11-28 11:53:36

On this occasion we will make an explanation specifically of how to get Nitain extract in Warframe.

In Warframe we have that the extract of Nitain is a scarce resource, being important in addition, so that we can create frames of war, bows and even weapons, which will lead us to find the answers in the explanation that we will have precisely how to obtain extract from Nitain, for those of us who have this doubt, let's pay attention to the following content.

What should we know about Nitain extract in Warframe?

This resource comes from three possible sources of the game, the Nightwave Offers, the caches that are hidden in the sabotage missions, but this is of low probability and the last route is the rewards that the event of the demonic purge brings us.

How to get Nitain extract in Warframe?

For the Nightwave, we must know that this is a weekly and daily system of challenges that we will be able to complete, which will make us win standing with nora night, an NPC in the game, when we increase our rank when completing the missions we will win prizes for each One of the levels, in which on many occasions will be the Nightwave credits, with these credits we can obtain the Nitain extract, for only 15 credits.

The three hidden caches that we have in the sabotage missions of reactors, will try to confront the Grinner or Corpus, where we must shut down the reactor, in random sites, these will have it on our radar as if they were loot, if we want to obtain the extract of Nitain only we must find the three caches, since the possibilities are very low, in case these missions are not the best option to achieve it.

Now in the event that we have in the demonic purge, it is something regular in the plains of eidolon, there are many special rewards in this event, among them we have the possibility of obtaining the extract of Nitain, being in stage 4 when we will receive the reward of level 1 and level 2 in stages 4 and 5.

Certainly this resource is difficult to obtain, the detail is that we will need it on many occasions, the best option to find it is through the rewards in Nightwave as much as we can and that are available in the demonic purge, since what of the Sabotage missions require a lot of time, in addition, the possibilities we will have are very low.

Thus we close with the explanation, which leads us to the conclusion that the content contained here should help how to get Nitain extract in Warframe, we hope our readers will like it and get this resource in the game.
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