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If we want to know how to enable Vulkan in Rainbow Six Siege we are in the right place to have the most important details about it.

What do we have to know to enable Vulkan in Rainbow Six Siege?

  A new update that was released recently by Ubisoft, which brought with it a Vulkan API, but many of us do not realize that there is a substantial increase in performance brought by this update, so it has to be done its activation, the details that will help us respond How to enable Vulkan, comes next.
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    How to enable Vulkan in Rainbow Six Siege?

     We must go to the library and choose Play, it is clear the importance of using the ideal launcher, this method is useful for both the Uplay and the Steam version, we will find the option that requires our selection of the Siege that we want to launch , being a good DirectX 11 Siege option, for the Vulkan client it is necessary that on our desktop we place an icon that will allow us to launch the game, when we are going to click on the icon, we will surely find that the DX11 client is running , this happens since there is no way to change the APIs within the game at the moment, so that we can check it, we access the graphics configuration and see if Adaptive Render Scaling is an option, so we would be in the Vulkan as a client.

     What is the use of enabling Vulkan in Rainbow Six Siege?

     With this option activated we can achieve optimal frame rates, reducing the resolution of internal rendering according to the configuration of the speed we have made, we must take this into account, but also, it is important the settings and the best memory management that are provided to the game with this function, the increase in performance will be noticeable and much more for players who have more outdated CPUs, it is possible that we go from a speed of 122 frames at 1440p with 1080 ti and 8700k at 155, without reaching the limit of the Monitor parameters, we will have a smooth game, now for those of us with already superior equipment we will notice greater performance when configuring, so it will be more than ideal to use the Vulkan.

     In this way our guide comes to an end where we try to enable Vulkan being this for us a great help to improve visual performance in Rainbow Six Siege and thus taking advantage of its maximum capabilities.

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