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Final Fantasy 15: How to get and Ride Chocobos

2020-02-03 12:22:38

The means of transport in Final Fantasy 15 are very attractive today we are going to explain everything you need to do about How to ride Chocobos.

Final Fantasy 15 usually focuses on a field cart, but that does not mean that there is no other means to mobilize, this is where the mythical Chocobos appear, some nice birds that can mobilize us, only that to access them is necessary to work a little, because they are blocked and are very necessary to perform some explorations, we invite you to join us in this goal of How to mount Chocobos.

How to unlock the Chocobos in Final Fantasy 15?

To know how to mount Chocobos is necessary to unlock them, because this can only be done after clearing the dungeon of Keycatrich Trench, because with this we can ascend to the region of Duscae, for this process is required to play through the main story and stop at the first gas station, where Prompto will make us an interesting request and is that we make a side trip where we can mount Chocobos with Wiz in the Chocobo Post.

After receiving the legacy of the Friends of a Pen, we will talk to Wiz because it is necessary to learn about Deadeye, and thus enter the section of Hunting, where we must choose the hunt of the company of a Behemoth, because this we must do, as the giant one-eyed is doing everything possible to cause problems in order to avoid at all costs that people can rent the chocobos, which should make us more alert, as we have a clear goal and is to learn how to mount Chocobos.

On our way, we need to head towards Nebulawood and turn on the branch with the felled trees, look for a way to crawl through the bedroom in order to get the Dedeye, and be able to follow it through the fog at a safe distance, with the goal of not making it too far away from us, But we can't let him see us either, when it gets a little clearer and you're in his line of sight, hide, because this works as a threat to him, remain cautious until you get to the end of the section, so that he gets to a point where he's obviously cornered and we can fight him.

Who is Deadeye in Final Fantasy 15?

This is simply a giant monster that does not allow anyone to rent, much less ride chocobos, because it has to cause enough problems, in addition to being a spreader of damage by surprise, we must avoid them at all costs. Fighting against it is somewhat complicated, it is necessary to cause an explosion, the important thing is that here we will get a number of barrels around the place where the battle takes place, here it is necessary to make use of magic, because with it we can exploit the barrels and generate a damage to our enemy, the important thing here is to hurt him, so we must be careful enough, so that we are not trapped with him. Once we have eliminated it, we will leave the fog and we will return with Wiz, with the objective to speak and to complete the hunt, because already Wiz allows to rent chocobos and it will even give us a whistle of chocobo that will allow us to mount them.

How to mount Chocobos in Final Fantasy 15?

Before knowing how to mount Chocobos it is necessary to know how to rent them, and for it is important to guide us in the mini map, there we will see some small icons of the birds, these machines are called Rent- A- Bird, they are the positions where they are rented, the chocobos usually rent them by a lapse of 7 days and it has a cost of 50 gil, next to be able to use this bird it is necessary to go to the menu of articles and to press the button of the shoulder, because they arrived at us with the chocobo Whistle.

Chocobos have phenomenal capacity, they can swim in certain bodies of water, run and slide for short distances, they have the ability to run in comfortable areas, the only places where they do not usually pass are in the places infested by demons and in dungeons and understandably are not very attractive places.

The levels are important when riding a chocobo, because the level 10 is the appropriate level, as we have better driving speed and sprint resistance, in addition, the more chocobos mounted better we can level and these skills are extremely necessary when moving.

This is the end of our guide on How to ride Chocobos, some very colorful and interesting birds that allow us to move around in Final Fantasy 15.

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