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PUBG Mobile: How to Get Carton Rangers Free Skin

2020-05-15 13:22:37

Today we make for you a PUBG Mobile guide where we will explain everything about How to get a new Carton Rangers Skin

What is the Carton Rangers event at PUBG Mobile?

It is a challenge that is directly related to season 13 that is about to come to light, but before it comes, we have some Skin for players, counting on that Knowing how to get a new Skin from Carton Rangers allows us to access rewards, apart from being a free style and very elegant, this allows to step forward and strong before the season begins, preparing us for all the fun that she brings to everyone in PUBG Mobile, our work here is mainly based on carrying out missions and making toys, where creativity and playing with colors can simply awaken creativity.

How to get a new Carton Rangers Skin in PUBG Mobile?

At this point it is necessary to have the possibility of assembling 3 parts to complete a skin, which allows the head to join the body and hands, since the objective is to get weapons at least 24 toys in a limited time, because we must get it before it ends the event is really a bit complex work, but in the end it is worth it as we get rewards as long as we commit to this Carton Ranger and to do so it is good to keep in mind that it requires:

Assemble a cardboard in PUBG Mobile

One of the important options to know how to get a new Carton Rangers Skin by assembling it, this is nothing more than an assembly process, the detail is that it is usually necessary to do it with 24 toys in PUBG Mobile, this means that we must complete the daily mission and collect as much cardboard as possible.

Assembling a cardboard is allowing to gradually fill our bar and every time we collect cardboard for one day, the next it will be necessary to do it again, because this process leads us to have to do it until we reach 24, this is a process that does not it is made from today to today but as we lower and assemble we can realize that it is worth it.

On the right of our screen we can see the event screen, there are 4 different stages visible and these comprise, 6, 12,18, 24, once the last one is reached, the free Skin is obtained, which means that it will be necessary to assemble parts for about 24 times.

Knowing how to get a new Skin from Carton Rangers simply put together interesting creations, since each cardboard consists of 3 specific parts, the head, the body and the legs, with this completed we can fill our progress bar by, finally it is time to choose the style that we require and press OK until our card is finished.

Collect Cardboards in PUBG Mobile

While we are in PUBG Mobile it is possible to get 4 missions per day, until the event reaches its conclusion, the ideal is to complete 4, as this will allow us to follow one card, but this is also limited to a maximum of 4 cards per day, so we can take time to carry out missions but not exceed the limits.

 Obviously knowing how to get a new Carton Rangers Skin simply allows us to carry out some assembly and collection work that are undoubtedly valuable in PUBG Mobile.

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