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With our help, you'll find that knowing How To Get Fashion Tickets is easier than you thought at Pokémon Unite.

What to know about fashion tickets in Pokémon Unite?


This is one of the currencies that are presented in the game that we can use in the exchange section of fashion tickets the emporium in the stores, here we can access exclusive cosmetics that we can use for our trainer, such as hats, shirts, pants and more, only that we must take into account what to do to get fashion tickets and with this guide we can orient ourselves about it, let's see the following content.


How to get fashion tickets in Pokémon Unite?

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    Through the game is the only way we have to get them, this means that we depend on the rewards with the event missions or loot boxes, if it is for the latter option we get to receive 20 instantly, considering that the rewards are 4 of this option, which turns out to be very little, but the objects of exchange of fashion tickets will also count, it is important to note that it is not expensive at least the launch, resulting that the sailor suit is the one that requires more fashion tickets 61, we will depend less on the RNG in the loot boxes.


    This is all you need to know about How to get fashion tickets, just apply the details and keep having fun in Pokémon Unite.

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