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Today we bring you a Pokémon Unite guide, in which we are going to guide you on How to score points.

What to know about the points in Pokémon Unite?

It is important that we get to defeat the wild Pokémon and the enemy teams in order to earn Aeos points, points that our enemies have necessary to become the winner during a game, so it is ideal that it is our understanding How to score points and to help us are the tips presented in this guide below, let's see.

How to score points in Pokémon Unite?

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    In the center of the Pokeball that is at the bottom of our screen we can see the points that we have in the game, these we have to take it to the goalpost of our enemy, for this we keep the X pressed on our Switch, and we must submerge them so that the health points of the enemy goal post fall, when this reaches zero it will be destroyed, which will cause the elimination of the flow of speed, then going to the next post, considering that there are 5 that we must defeat the enemies On the map, now being close to these we can detail the remaining points before their destruction, certainly the most viable option to score points is to face the wild Pokémon or defeat the enemies, which give us more points, even the Aeos that they have added, only that these Pokémon turn out to be very strong, where even legendary ones are included in the center of the map, but if we work with teammates we can, We must succeed in defeating them.

    Knowing how to score points is interesting, because we can develop and have more fun in Pokémon Unite.

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