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Pokémon Unite has more activities for us which makes it necessary to know how to surrender.

Why is it necessary to surrender at Pokémon Unite?

While it is true, this may turn out not to be exactly an option to choose this because doing so prevents us from growing in our skills, this is an option that is precisely not very favorable for our team because the game ends earlier. time without feasible results for us, it should be noted that not all games offer this type of action, so testing is nothing to write home about.

How to surrender at Pokémon Unite?

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    This action can only be done after about five minutes have passed after starting the game, and if this time has not passed, it will be necessary to wait a little for the time to pass, then we are allowed to vote among our colleagues, this in order to give up, just wait for the marker to be shown and press the plus button, then we press the minus button in order to get the configuration to be shown to us.


    •  Next we will see that the Surrender option is shown.
    • We can suggest giving up up to a maximum of three times.
    • By getting the entire team to vote in favor of surrender, we achieve that surrender can take place and therefore the team will lose.
    • The surrender option is usually implemented only when we consider that there is no option to win.

     In general terms, knowing how to surrender is an interesting task and that we can well apply when there is no better way out in Pokémon Unite.

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