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With our Pokémon Unite guide, you will learn more about all held items.

What to know about the items held in Pokémon Unite?

These are important resources for the support of our Pokémon in the combats, being with the intention of having benefits that are possible due to its constant operation despite the fact that we do not notice it, it is important that the correct object is chosen for some Pokémon so that it benefits according to its way of playing, considering that a defensive object must work with a Pokémon of the same style for example, then to have an idea of What are All the objects retained we have the content of this guide, let's see it below.

What are all held items in Pokémon Unite?

We have All the objects held in Pokémon Unite, and they are the following:
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    • Eros Cookie: the Pokemon's health points are increased to the maximum when it scores a goal.
    • Assault Vest: When the Pokemon is not in combat, it receives a shield that cancels the Sp.Atk damage in the same way as its hit points by 9 percent.
    • Attack Weight: Increases Attack when scoring a goal.
    • Buddy Barrier: A Pokemon's Unite move and the nearby ally that drops to less health will receive a shield of 20 percent of their maximum life points.
    • Energy Amplifier: Using the Unite move, allows for a 7 percent damage increase for a short period of Pokémon Unite.
    • Exp Share: With the Pokemon with the lowest Exp of the team, it receives 2 Exp per second but does not receive the shared points of the companions when defeating a wild Pokemon.
    • Floating Stone: When the Pokemon is not in combat, its speed is increased by 10 percent.
    • Focus band: in terms of All objects held if we run out of health points for every second of the next 3, 8 percent of the health lost is recovered.
    • Leftovers: 1 percent of life is recovered for every second the Pokemon is not in combat.
    • Muscle Band: It is seen in 1 percent increase of the remaining HP of the Pokemon when hitting with basic attacks.
    • Rocky Helmet: The damage it deals to rivals is close to 3 percent of the hit points these Pokemon have.
    • Range lens: the higher the attack damage, the basic critical hits are increased.
    • Scoring Shield: Gain a 5 percent shield dependent on maximum hit points and there can be no break in goals.
    • Shell bell: movement hits allow the recovery of 45 points of life, considering that the greater the special attack, the more it recovers.
    • Sp.Esp.Atk: Special attack increases to 8 while scoring a goal
    • Sage's Glasses: Enhance Special Attack by 3 percent.

    In conclusion, knowing about
    all held items is excellent, because it allows us to unwind and have more fun in Pokémon Unite.

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