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Pokémon Unite has more interesting features for us, let's see How to change my profile name.

What exactly is the profile name in Pokémon Unite?

This is nothing more than our identification, it is the word with which the other players will be able to see us, in fact when we start a game we are allowed to show our profile and the identification that it may have is simply our name, sometimes we choose to change it Since this may not be to our liking, this is a simple enough task to do and to give you the details about this action we are here.

How to change my profile name in Pokémon Unite?

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    This is an interesting enough action with which we get ourselves and for this we must have a chance card, getting it can be a not very complex task, this because this is usually an object that is available for a value of 100 Aeos gems in the Aeos Emporium.

    It should be noted that this ticket is usually an exclusive object that can be achieved either by completing the battle pass, which is usually a premium part or, failing that, spending real money.

    Now, with the ticket we are allowed to change the name which represents a new option, where we change the name of the profile, keeping the coach code, it is good to keep in mind that this option can be done as many times as we consider favorable, only that It is not very favorable to be changing all the time, this because we will have to spend a considerable amount of gems, and it is usually necessary to take care of storing them either for our avatar or simply for the acquisition

    In this sense, knowing How to change my profile name offers us the possibility of making the modification when we consider it favorable, or we are willing to spend gems in Pokémon Unite.

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