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Pokemon Cafe Mix in a very busy game and today it takes us to discover all the special skills and moves.

  In Pokemon Cafe Mix we find that most of the special skills and movements are unique to each of the Pokemon we meet, the skills help us in solving the puzzles and more, to know the details of all the skills and special moves We will have the content of this guide, let's see it below.

What to know about the special skills and moves in Pokemon Cafe Mix?

  We have in this game 15 Pokemon, which each have their own abilities, we will have these abilities since we have our Pokemon starting, so we will go to see more details about it in the paragraphs that are to come, let's continue reading the content.

What are all the special skills and moves in Pokemon Cafe Mix?


 Let's now see the details of each of the Pokemon:


  • Bulbasaur: with small Plates, removing icons and tricks in X, replacing them with common icons.
  • Charmander: Drinker with removing icons and tricks around to the right.
  • Eevee: Removing the icons and tricks that are in the vicinity
  • Kirlia: Drinker with removing icons and tricks diagonally
  • Munchlax: Entries and removal of cheat icons found in the surroundings
  • Mincinno: Sweets and removes the icons around it that are above and to the left
  • Pikachu: Sweets and by eliminating the icons around it and the ones above, it will activate the megaphones
  • Stoutland: Drinker and remove the cheat icons from the bottom, activating the megaphones that end up replacing the icons around you.
  • Steenee: Entries and removes the icons and tricks from the top.
  • Slurpuff: Sweets and remove the icons at the top
  • Snubull: Small plates and remove the icons from below.
  • Squirtle: Small plates and eliminate the icons and rucos that are to the right
  • Starly: Sweets removes surrounding and overhead icons by activating the megaphones above and below.
  • Togepi: Drinker, eliminate the icons and tricks that are in the surroundings, substituting the ones on the sides for those that are common.


 Loading the skills is the initial step if we want to use them, so it is necessary to fill a meter, remove the Pokemon icons, the instant we remove the icons of our Pokemon leader, we will have as a result greater speed in filling the skills meter, likewise if it matches the menu the leader's specialty will also fill quickly, the icon can be activated if we have more than one icon, touching one and moving to the other to activate it, the leader's skills will be the The only one that we can use, always keeping in mind the choice of a leader for the solution of the different challenges.

 We hope that with this information presented here about all the special skills and moves they will be very useful to have fun in Pokemon Cafe Mix.

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