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Today we are going to talk to you about How to find animals while we are immersed in Hunting Simulator 2, let's see.

What does Hunting Simulator 2 bring to us?

  Here there is the possibility of getting us with some interesting prizes and these can simply be animals, which we got throughout this game, that to know How to find animals there is nothing more interesting than the dog, because it is a loyal friend who will accompany us always on the hunt, because generally this friend usually explores the place where we are or where we are going to be precisely in search of animals, which simply makes him extremely useful.

How to find animals in Hunting Simulator 2?

 We use our friend the dog in the first instance, when we locate something, an exclamation point will simply appear, so we will approach to examine, to increase the statistics of our dog it is necessary to praise him, then from there it will be necessary to activate some points, because footprints as such allow us to do so, allowing us to establish a safe route to locate other animals, because simply knowing how to find animals is a task even enjoyable and that we will not necessarily do alone.

 If our dog has managed to locate something, it will only be necessary to open the control wheel to give him the option of tracking and follow the signs of the animal, here it is important to mark all the signs on the map and this is particularly because more animals will appear, because all the waypoints and markers remain active, we can return later through them, it is possible to detect urine and excrement remains, this allows us to know how close we are to the animal, the cooler the closer we will be in Hunting Simulator 2.

 The footprints on the earth usually shine, and it is necessary to follow them to where they end, it is necessary to take a look at our environment and when we are close it is not necessary to scare it, we only get closer from about 160 meters to hear calls from the animals, we proceed to tell our dog to stay still as we have already reached our goal.

 Now that you know how to find animals it is time to embark on this adventure with the dog and go through some extensions in Hunting Simulator 2

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