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Persona 5 Royal: How to Beat Okumura - Tips and tricks

2020-04-13 13:02:47

Today we bring you a Persona 5 Royal guide where we will explain how to beat Okumura.

 We find Persona 5 Royal an edition with extensive updates if we compare it with the originating person 5 that came out about 3 years ago, brings with it a lot of new content, improvements, in addition to changes in the bosses that are in all history, among them we find one especially, therefore we must know how to beat Okumura and the most precise details will be in the content of this guide below.

What should we know before facing Okumura in Persona 5 Royal?

Whatever the difficulty in which we play, we will be in many problems to emerge victorious in this fight, whether it is normal or hard, or even easy, it will make us spend a lot of work, of course it is possible that in the lowest we can perform Better, only it seems possible that if we are in trouble, the correct strategy will be to raise the difficulty to the ruthless level, this is because we face more damage with technical blows and it is possible to better exploit the Weakness, of course if we are struggling, to have an idea of ​​How to beat Okumura let's continue with the reading.

How to beat Okumura in Persona 5 Royal?

 The characters that we will have in this battle must have access to the Psi, Wind, Ice and Nuke spells, managing to cover with the Joker, in addition, the most important spells will be those of the Psychic and the Wind, being the ideal characters then Haru and Morgana, this boss is going to invoke robots on many occasions to confront us, they are a group of four who must have the opportunity to finish them in 2 turns, otherwise they will self-destruct or go to escape with low health, it is good that we know that self-destruction will not be able to kill us but its will mark the restart of this phase of the battle, for Okumura to perform another invocation of a similar group of enemies, therefore to understand How to defeat Okumura we must count with the correct strategy.

 When we face the first group, we have that their weakness will be fire and wind, in addition to the low health they have, so it will be easy for us to finish them quickly, in the case of the second group, their weakness is the Ice, for the third nuclear weapons, now when we get to the fourth group the problems will be serious, these are weak in the wind, only they will be very powerful in terms of the HP they have, so finishing them will not be an easy task, if we want Progressing the difficult part of this battle is the elimination of all at the same time, taking into consideration the possibility that Okumura is capable of employing a Rakukaja in his subjects.

 In Persona 5 Royal it will not be enough for you just that, it can also cause one of our team to be randomly hungry, thus achieving that your turn has no effect, our focus has to be on having party members capable of having a very high rank of confidant, looking for How to beat Okumura, we have that Morgana must have the necessarily high rank to help the members with their illnesses, we must also have another member who has a high rank level, taking out Haru, since at this moment we do not have any kind of relationship, now for Mapsio it will be necessary since when entering the last phase it will be very useful.

 When we are fighting with the blue subjects we have to use Morgana and the Joker to hit Magarula in each of the possible turns, while the remaining two members will be using Matarukaja and Charge at all times, thus lowering the defenses of our enemies, by the time we get to the second turn, one of the members must be using Wind Magatama or an object of similar attack type, next we will use a staff step that will allow the damage caused by Morgana or the Joker to increase, when doing Magarula, passing the staff between members it is possible that it increases its power of damage when receiving it, this way we will repeat all these steps as many times as necessary until we finish with his subjects and we will go to the final phase of this battle in Persona 5 Royal.

 Already in the final phase looking for How to beat Okumura in Persona 5 Royal, we have to send the fel subjects to Psi, carrying out the same strategy to be with Joker and Haru spamming Mapsio in the turns we have, luck will become an important factor also in this battle, because we will leave very well because Okumura is going to skip a self-destruction order by himself, which will additionally allow us another turn to finish the group before it sends the next one , after we manage to defeat the last group, a last robot will be sent, which do not have any weaknesses but with simple and standard spells we can finish it easily, considering that their attack the Order of the Big Bang can be dangerous, capable to kill our entire group if we are not on guard, after this it will be easier to deal with Okumura directly.

 Finally, now that we know how to beat Okumura, we can move on to Persona 5 Royal.

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