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The Most recents news

'Minecraft' Releases Update New Village & Pillage

Finally, after so much comes the update of Village and Pillage in Minecraft.
2019-04-24 18:23:57

Persona 5 The Royal Adds New Phantom Thief

A new ghost thief was revealed the Persona 5 The Royal new trailer also expand social elements such as confidants and exploration of the city
2019-04-24 18:10:13

Google Play Store apps could be draining your battery life on Android

Did you know that Google Play Store apps could drain your battery's useful life?
2019-04-24 17:57:59

League of Legends Update Pantheon champion

Riot Games announces update of champion Pantheon of League of Legends
2019-04-24 17:45:18

New Lenovo Legion Gaming laptops with 9th-gen Intel Core i9

Lenovo Legion announces its new Gaming laptops with Intel Core i9 ninth generation
2019-04-24 17:00:52

Mortal Kombat 11 Tips and tricks: A Complete Starter Guide

For both the new and the not so new, we have prepared a guide for Mortal Kombat 11.  Tips and tricks for Beginer players
2019-04-24 16:42:34

ARK Survival Evolved UPDATE: Wildcard PS4 and Xbox One patch

ARK Survival Evolved will have new Update and Wildcard will reveal information with patch notes
2019-04-24 15:40:10

Digital Storm's latest Avon gaming laptops with Intel Core i7-9750H

Digital Storm Avon gaming laptops includes the Intel Core i7-9750H in the new generation Avon
2019-04-24 15:27:33

Fortnite Week 8: Guide to find Dial Durr Burger Number On Big Telephone

Now we offer you a guide where we explain where you should go.
2019-04-24 15:06:10

Doraemon Story of Seasons for Nintendo Switch and PC Release

Doraemon is a famous anime series based on a manga about a robot cat that was sent from the future to help a child
2019-04-24 14:14:59

Mortal Kombat 11 Fatality guide List for PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Swift

Mortal Kombat 11 MK11 is now available and here we will show you the complete list of Fatalities for the PS4 and Xbox One consoles.
2019-04-24 00:44:20

Final Fantasy 10-2 Remaster now Downloadable on Nintendo Switch

Final Fantasy 10-2 HD Remaster is downloadable for Nintendo Switch.
2019-04-23 23:26:24

Borderlands 3: Troy Baker didn't reject his role in the game

Troy Baker talks about his alleged refusal to play the voice of a character in Borderlands 3.
2019-04-23 22:11:13

Anthem update will Bring new Stronghold and bug squashing

Among the additions of the new Anthem patch we can expect a new strength and elimination of errors.
2019-04-23 21:48:16

Mortal Kombat 11: New Character Confirmed As Frost

Mortal Kombat 11, NetherRealm recently made the surprise inclusion of a hidden character that can only be accessed by advancing through the story
2019-04-23 21:38:03

Fortnite players Suprice for floating alien rune across the island

The mysterious alien object with the floating one is intriguing the Fortnite players
2019-04-23 18:28:36

Sekiro Update Patch: new Shinobi Tools And Combat Arts

Sekiro Update Patch: We have the notes of Sekiro's new Patch Out and everything it contains.
2019-04-23 18:15:49

Asus Release second-generation ROG gaming smartphone

ASUS is leaning the launch of its ROG generation 2 video game smartphone to the Chinese market.
2019-04-23 18:05:38

Mortal Kombat 11 Will Fix Towers of Time and Krypt Progression

Mortal Kombat 11 update will make changes in the economy of Krypt and the difficulty of the towers.
2019-04-23 17:56:12

Kingdom Hearts 3 Update: New Critical Mode For Free

Kingdom Hearts 3 now introduced the Critical Mode in free update this April 23
2019-04-23 17:35:19

GTA 6 Release Date: Reportedly Confirms Game Is Coming Soon

An employee of Rockstar Games has confirmed that the official launch of GTA 6 will be very soon.
2019-04-23 17:27:56

SteamWorld Quest trailer and Release Date

Image & Form publishes launch trailer for SteamWorld Quest before its premiere
2019-04-23 17:21:08

Fortnite How to dial the Durr Burger number - week 8 challenge

Fornite  Week 8 challenge collecting the 7 fragments of a puzzle and dialing a number on the giant telephones that are on the Fornite map
2019-04-23 17:15:14

How much will FIFA 20 cost? for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC

As in previous years we are many who are already waiting for the launch of the new edition of FIFA, in this case EA will present FIFA 20.
2019-04-23 17:02:56

Fortnite Season 9: Epic games could include Battle Pass gifts

Epic games could include Battle Pass gifts in Fortnite Season 9 according to dataminers
2019-04-23 16:05:38

Fortnite Release Avengers EndGame teaser Crossover

Epic Games launches Avengers End Game teaser with crossover in Fornite
2019-04-23 15:58:22

‘No Man’s Sky’ Notre Dame Tribute: Player Builds a Cathedral

The video game No Man's Sky pays tribute for the accident at Notre Dame.
2019-04-23 15:44:57

PS4 Gamer Loses Access to Digital Game Collection

A PS4 player loses access to the collection of digital games for hostile behavior.
2019-04-23 15:32:59

5G modem provider: Apple and Samsung can be the Supplier

Apple recently announced that it has closed a deal with the chip company Qualcommmaking the company once again have the opportunity to be Apple's 5G modem provider.
2019-04-23 15:11:28

Fortnite Tips: All Real Aviation Challenges

Everything you want to know about the real challenges of Fortnite aviation.
2019-04-22 22:27:16