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Outer Worlds: How to Use Consumables and the Inhaler

2019-10-28 13:53:06

Knowing how to use the Outer Worlds consumables is very important to get far, so in this guide we will tell you how to do it.

What are Outer Worlds consumables?

It is a series of articles which you can use in different circumstances, these have several effects depending on the consumable you have, either regenerate health, or provide some other type of benefit, there are two ways in which you can use them and then you We will tell what they are.

How to use Outer Worlds consumables?

  • The first way is to do it from the consumables menu itself, where the slots will be at the top, the left slot will always be for the Adreno health inhaler unit, while the other slots can be unlocked gradually and in They can equip consumables. To unlock more spaces, you will have to increase your medical ability.

  • The second and last way is to use them from the inventory screen where you can place any of the consumables you find in the inhaler and use them little by little, while from the menu you can use them one by one. In case you want to enable the four slots for the inhaler you will have to have level 80 at least in medical skill.

The consumables are usefulespecially for those moments in which we are about to disappear from a Outer Worlds game, knowing how to use the consumables will give you encouragement and an opportunity to return to the ring with the batteries recharged and well placed to follow the battalion, So we hope that our guide has been very useful for you and we hope that now that you know how to use them you can take advantage of them in your games.

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