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Minecraft has more tasks for us, let's see How to make allays dance.

Why make Allays dance in Minecraft?

  These blue spirits are usually quite cheerful and we can make them dance, we can give them some clues so that they can keep in constant coordinated movement, especially considering that they love the music of a jukebox.

How to make allays dance in Minecraft?

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    We must generate a block of notes and manage to hit it with a constant rhythm so that the Allays that may be nearby simply spin in the air and this can be seen as if they were dancing, jukeboxes do not usually have much effectiveness to make these spirits can dance.

      The note blocks are more attractive, there is no need to make use of some mechanism where the Red Stone can be involved, so the rhythms that we can produce on our own using this block can be limited, but favorable, we must get a genius of creation with note blocks to get sounds that give us excellent results with the blue spirits and their dance.

      We can end this guide on How to make allays dance, now you can make them dance in Minecraft without any complications, try it.

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