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With our Minecraft guide, you will learn more about making fireworks.

What to know about fireworks in Minecraft?


For the manufacture of these, materials such as gunpowder, dye and paper are required, then to get idea with more details we can attend how they are manufactured in the following content of this guide, let's see them.


How to craft fireworks in Minecraft?

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    To make them we need a pyrotechnic star, gunpowder x3 and a paper properly placed, then we add more gunpowder being 3 the maximum, which allows the duration of 3 minutes to the fireworks, all depending on the color of the star we use, we will have that color as a reference, then we require pyrotechnic stars, to make it we need dye x1 and gunpowder x1, even if we use other crafting recipes we can make some changes.


     What we will do is put the dye and gunpowder together in the craft table, depending on the color of the dye will be the color of the pyrotechnic star, it is possible to make them in different colors by adding them to the craft table, once the star is ready we have to add it with the gunpowder and the paper to make the fireworks of many colors, There are even objects that can be added to them and cause special effects such as the diamond trail, sparkling stone powder sparkling effect, feather burst, vine face, gold nugget star and fireball explosion.

     It is obvious that knowing How to
    craft fireworks allows us to have more fun in Minecraft.

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