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We continue working on Minecraft which allows us to tell you how to Craft Bundles.

What is the point of Craft Bundles in Minecraft?

Just having the possibility of giving a personalized touch to our creations in this game, only that for this it is necessary to have some implements, this is an easy enough task, which makes it necessary to go on a search.

How to Craft Bundles in Minecraft?

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    For this task it is necessary to have:

    6 rabbits: these are usually found spawning regularly in these biomes:


    •   Mega taiga
    • Taiga
    • Cold taiga
    • Ice plains
    • Various choline biomes
    • Ice peaks
    • Ice mountains
    • Deserts
    • Flower forests.


      2 strings: to get them it is necessary to find cobwebs and destroy them inside the caves, there is also the possibility of getting it by killing the spiders, only this implies having to carry an enchantment weapon with us.

    Once with the rope and the rabbits, we are allowed to make the package and once this is done, choose to use the bundies in the same way that we use the shulker box to store objects, this in case they can be found far from home, it is necessary to bear in mind that bundies are usually limited to 64 objects.

    Now that you know how to Craft Bundles it is time to continue enjoying and building in Minecraft.

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