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Minecraft cheats: commands you need to cheat

2019-06-05 14:48:45

For those of us who know Minecraft, we can say that one of the things that have made us fall in love with this enchanting game is its world, a world where we can do almost anything we want, and Minecraft has an infinite world that encourages us to explore it.

Although we must admit that sometimes the world of Minecraft may not be enough for us, and we know just what you need to make the world of Minecraft does not become monotonous, we know what are the commands you need to cheat and spend a Even more enjoyable time in this vast world of cubes, the world of Minecraft.

The commands we might need to cheat in Minecraft are many, commands to cheat and level up faster and easier, command to cheat and get exotic elements with a lot of power, commands to cheat and teleport from one place to another , anyway.

We told you that the commands you need to cheat in Minecraft are a lot, although you can take advantage of only those that you like, of course.

So we have prepared a guide with all the commands you need to cheat in Minecraft, so without saying more, let's start.

RARE Minecraft Commands!

How to use the Minecraft commands.

First of all, we must know how to Cheat, for this we must press the Slash key or what is the same, the key of the slash (/). With this, what you will do is open the chat bar, that is where you will have to place the command to cheat and then press the Enter key to enter it.

If you press the up and down arrows you can put directly in the command bar ready to send, the commands or messages that you have sent before.

If you press the left and right arrows while writing the command you can move the line that indicates where you are writing to make corrections or add something else that you have forgotten.

Pressing the Tab key while entering the commands will scroll through the possible options.

So that the commands you need to cheat can be introduced in Minecraft, first of all, you have to have configured the world with the command option enabled, although you can also do it by directly creating the world for a single player, opening the game to LAN and selecting "Allow Cheats" and that's it.

If you do not want to write the name of any player in an individual world you can write shortcuts in the following way:

@p = The player who is closest to you.

@r = A random player.

@a = All the players in the world.

@e = All the entities in the world.

@s = You.

If you want to enter a coordinate ten, note that they are expressed with xyz, where x is the distance to the east () or to the west (-) of the point of origin, z is the distance to the south () or north (-) of the point of origin, and y is the Height from 0 to 255, where 64 is the sea level.

But you can also use the tilde (~) or caret (^) notation with a number to express the relative coordinates of the displacement from its current position, and the notation by itself represents ~ 0 or ^ 0, that is, without displacement. The tilde offsets are based on the world coordinates, so ~ 5 ~ ~ -5 would be 5 blocks in x (east), 0 blocks in y (same height) and -5 blocks in z (north). Caret compensations are based on the direction in which the player's head is oriented along the axes to the left, up and forward, so that ^ 5 ^ ^ -5 would be 5 blocks left, 0 blocks up (same height) and 5 blocks back.

Without much more to say we leave you the list of commands that you need to cheat in Minecraft below:

Commands to cheat with the player.

/ experience add

Add the indicated amount of experience points to the specified player. Place the word levels at the end to add levels of experience.

/ kill [player]

To kill or kill a specified player.

/ enchant [level]

Applies the enchantment to the selected Element of the specified player, at an optional level. Here is a list of enchantment code.

/ tp [player]

Teleport (or to the specified player) to the entered coordinates.

/ effect clear [effect]

Clear all effects, or optionally only the specified effect, from the player or entity.

/ effect [duration]

Apply the effect to the specified player or entity, for an option duration in seconds. Here is a list of effect codes.

/ gamerule doWeatherCycle false

Command to cheat in the world of Minecraft:

Disable climate changes, replace false with true to reactivate.

/ clone

Clone the blocks in the region between the coordinates .

/ seed

Produce a seed code so you can recreate your world later.

/ setworldspawn [x and z]

Set the world generation location to the current position of the player, or the optional specified coordinates if entered.

/ gamerule doDaylightCycle false

Deactivates the day / night cycle, replaces false with true to reactivate.

/ weather [duration]

Set the type of weather (use clear, rain or thunder) for an optional period in seconds.

/ difficulty

Set the level of difficulty (peaceful, easy, normal or difficult use).

/ time set

Set the time of the world game, use 0 (Dawn), 1000 (Morning), 6000 (Noon), 12000 (Dusk) or 18000 (Night) as value.

Commands to cheat with items and mobs.

/ summon [x and z]

Generates the entity in the player's location, or optional specified coordinates if it is entered. A list of entity codes is here.

/ give [quantity]

Add an item to the player's inventory, in the specified amount if the item is stackable. A list of element codes is here.

/ gamerule keepInventory true

Keep your inventory items after your death, replace true with false to reverse.

You can also type / help [command] if you need help with a command.
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