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Hotel Empire Tycoon: How to play - Beginner Guide - Tips and tricks

2020-01-09 11:38:38

Today we have made for you a beginner's guide of Hotel Empire Tycoon where we will focus on explaining how to play

 This is a fairly free game that allows us to expand very comfortably, so managing workers and getting enough money are interesting activities since we have the possibility to expand hotels in other cities, so knowing how to play becomes a fundamental objective in Hotel Empire Tycoon

What are we for the Hotel Empire Tycoon?

 We simply are the owners or at least this is how we are visualized, our work here should focus on maintaining a good service for customers, because the idea is that visitors are comfortable, this implies getting benefits that are attractive to all , finally, the amount of money we can get will depend on them, so let's prepare well and look for how to play, to make this environment a cozy place and that is Hotel Empire Tycoon a 5 star location

Why prioritize earnings in Hotel Empire Tycoon?

 An important objective here is to hire exactly the number of employees needed, since starting with something small, it can be an ideal start, since with the passage of time and due to the excellent administration we have we can expand, a fundamental step here is to deactivate the Administration office advertising.

 The increase in benefits is important, because our goal should be to spend wisely, even if this means reducing expenses, reviewing earnings every day is important, because that is where we determine that it is viable and not.


 Can we expand in Hotel Empire Tycoon?

 Here it is important to know how to play r, because expanding gradually should always be our priority, because taking things wisely is worth it, the increase in demand is who leads us to do it, pus when we need more rooms than we have available, we are obliged to expand little by little, here it is necessary to build single and double rooms, since a single type of room cannot be built, since there must be variety


 Can we spend on improvements in Hotel Empire Tycoon?

 When we invest in improvements, the cost of our property is simply increased, here we will have to make improvements in everything, since the rooms are not the only ones to which we can apply this, the parking spaces are important, because our visitors want safe places to pack your vehicles, the service can generate good income per hour depending on the modifications we make with it.

 Knowing how to play implies having knowledge in many areas, since the improvements of the enclosure are one of them, the furniture, beds and showers can also present some improvements, since they are made in parts, you will not try to make a single click and magically ready everything is He accommodated, what is interesting is that the more welcoming the place, the more time visitors spend money.

Why is the electricity service important?

 Electricity is a vital service, because without it we simply cannot make any improvement, so the first thing we will do is update the generators and energy batteries, to proceed to update the electrical appliances, in addition the rooms require constant electricity.


What could be an excellent start?

 This is where it is really crucial to know how to play, because our goal must be directly linked to the name of the game to build an empire, this means that we will start from below, so that we can gradually expand in several cities, as we will grow with prudence of so that we can accumulate enough points so that we can reach the goal of truly being an empire, but that will only depend on the way we develop things.


What can we get from the daily rewards in Hotel Empire Tycoon?

 In this game we get some Gems that are presented as rewards, and they offer us the possibility to buy some improvements, I operate they do not appear out of nowhere, to obtain them it is necessary to check the missions and this is important, since we stock up on gems It is ideal, we also have the option of meeting with a VIP at the reception in order to receive a reward of money, just for watching a short video about an ad, because this is an extremely easy way to get money.

 In summary, knowing how to play in Hotel Empire Tycoon is interesting, because the expansion of our commercial activity depends on us.

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