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BitLife: How to Make a lot Money

2020-01-09 11:52:06

In this article we will have the explanation with all the guidelines to follow of how to earn a lot of money in BitLife.

 In this article we bring all the details that will allow you in BitLife to understand how to earn a lot of money, it is possible that the milestone of 100 million dollars can be achieved, through tricks and tips that following them fully we can achieve it, Among those possible options is betting, investing and acting, for more details we enter the following content.

How to earn a lot of money as an actor in BitLife?

 It is possible that acting is an option of How to earn a lot of money in BitLife, even being a porn actor, intelligence for this is not a factor, what if you have to take into account is the appearance, which starts at 80 percent, the age will take its toll, where we may have to go to the gym, go to study high school, graduate and start the job search path, in these industries it will be a great opportunity, everything for the life of cinema is a good option, having already achieved a consistent position, 90 percent of the appearance must be maintained, now to use the gym and other means of this type, it will be possible to reach 100 percent, it is normal to want to reach the rapid rise but most likely our promotion is automatic.

Reaching stardom is the main actor or porn actor will not be so complicated to achieve in BitLife, social media will be an important way that can be used, which if it becomes something tedious as it will be important to send messages real to people, with this it will be possible to gain followers, which is randomly the gains in terms of followers, this being a way of how to earn a lot of money, through a book, photography or ads, interviews in Some program, thus improving in Punctuation and in the same way will serve to earn money, the ideal seems to go to the interview to have something more concrete regarding fame, after being famous enough, it is when it will be the right time to make a book, since having a base would prevent the book from affecting popularity, in terms of photo sessions if it is possible to generate income with some security and There are the ads, good to employ these is possible to do if we are not porn actors to earn fame and money.

 How to earn a lot of money with Real Estate in BitLife?

 The important thing is to have some money to use this option of How to earn a lot of money, with the purchase of real estate, it will be investing the money that we are earning, we will make the purchase of the things that are at high prices and that our money reaches us available, with the best conditions of the state of affairs, since when it comes to having to get to the situation of recovering that money for any reason they will be easier to sell these, we are talking about the way of real estate It represents a plan that will be long term, obtaining is greater profitability and performance, being possible that we can even inherit the goods to a child, through wills or activities, in this way it is possible that BitLife constantly earn money.

 How to earn a lot of money when playing Blackjack at the Casino in BitLife?

 The first thing we should know is that these are possible only for androit, through an update patch, we have to keep in mind that it is possible that this will be the easiest method of How to earn a lot of money, but you have to be patient to reach the success of this method, to reach 18 years will be the idea for this, the next thing will be to access the casino and the blackjack tables, the profits that we are getting, will allow us to improve the bets, the security is possible to find it in this game, because if we lose a hand we can get out of it to not lose money.

 Let's see a list of steps that we can follow to achieve How to earn a lot of money in BitLife with this method and they are the following:

  •  Enter the casino
  • Bet as high as we can
  • Play hand
  • To win we must leave the casino to save our win
  • The loss will lead us to stop playing, we close and open the application again
  • In the case of an iPhone by pressing the start button twice it will be enough for the complete closure of the application
  • The options presented above will consult if we are tied, also playing the hand as always
  • We return to the casino and repeat.

How to win a lot of money when playing Blackjack in the Casino in BitLife is possible once we win 70 thousand dollars, in this way it is possible that we will bet 100 thousand dollars in the next hand, and when we win we will reach 700 thousand dollars our option It will be to access 1 million bets on each hand, so we will arrive at the moment of being able to bet up to 10 million per hand, the maximum amount available, the maximum mark that we can reach is 100 million dollars.

  A soft hand means you have an Ace and something else. An Ace can be a 1 or an 11 in Blackjack. If the bank shows a 10, it is usually a bad sign for us. We can try to improve our

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