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Google Maps: Where to Find the Star Wars Easter Egg

2020-01-07 10:58:53

This is not very common, so we decided to prepare a guide to tell you where to find the Star Wars Easter egg in Google Maps.

What is the hidden Easter egg of Google Maps.

Well, this is a discovery made by Star Wars fans, who have found an Easter Egg that allows them to jump to other planets of the Solar System at the speed of light, something like traveling aboard ships like the Falcon Millennial. This is a hidden option and that is why we will tell you exactly where to find the Star Wars Easter egg.

Where to find the Star Wars Easter egg in Google Maps.

The first thing you have to do is open the desktop version of the application, and look for the Satellite button in the lower left corner, then zoom out by scrolling down with the mouse wheel or by pressing the minus button in the lower corner right.

Get as far away as you can until you only see a 3D model of planet Earth, a view of space and a pop-up menu on the left side of the screen that presents other planets in the Solar System.

Already from here it is quite simple, in the list of the Solar System, you can jump to any planet you want to visit, Mars, Venus and many others, including the ISS.

The most curious thing happens when selecting some of the planets and that is when Google Maps draws a course to instantly bring users closer to their destination, just like in the movies.

For now it seems that we can only access these space regions, but Google people are expected to add more, later.

 It's that simple you already know where to find the Star Wars Easter egg in Google Maps, we hope our guide has been very useful, if you have not tried this hidden Google Maps function yet, we really recommend you try it because it is very worth it to see the space in a very different and definitely very interesting and entertaining way, we have also made a virtual tour of the ISS and it has been phenomenal.

Recall that it is not the first time that Google Maps collaborates with a video game, previously it has done with Nintendo for Pokemon and The Legend of Zelda in the changes related to the screen.

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