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Fallout 76: How VATS works and how to use it

2019-06-10 19:29:25

New changes have come for Fallout 76 VATS due to its online debut. Among the improvements are that there is no longer the pause in the slow camera with which you can choose a limb in your free time. However, now it works as an automated system for real-time guidance. It is still possible to select the members as well as parts of the body, in addition to seeing the related statistics, only that everything is happening around you.

The above also means that you have to learn to master a new way to use Fallout 76 VATS, however once you master it, it ends up becoming a powerful tool.

It is still possible to inflict a guaranteed damage as well as eliminate a specific part of the enemy with which to hide your attempts to hurt yourself, the power to paralyze a leg in order to stop a Ghoul or finish the orientation of a robot with which it is not possible hit so easily. In this sense, it is important that you read the present guide of Fallout 76 VATS where you will present how it works and some recommendations to use it, thus getting the power to prepare to fight.

Fallout 76 - How VATS Works! - Real Time VATS Explained

How Fallout 76 VATS works on Xbox One or PS4

When entering V.A.T.S. of Fallout, pressing LB for Xbox One or L1 for PS4, it will be possible that nearby enemies will appear highlighted the bright green color. At this point the time will not slow down, however it will still be possible to show the percentages of probability you have to shoot your enemies.
Another thing to consider is that it will be possible to alternate between the different enemies while pressing to the left or right on the control panel as well as pressing "Y" or Triangle to enter Critical Mode, where your attack will be able to Inflict critical damage.

Later it will be possible to use the Concentrated Fire Benefit Card, which will allow you to point to specific parts of the body. However, to begin with you will only be able to aim at the whole body.

How to use Fallout 76 VATS

Given that the times in which there were these "film deaths" in slow motion that were present in the previous installments of Fallout, at present is not thinking of returning. In substitution to this it is possible to use VATS when you are in a hurry to aim as a quick way to hit the enemies even attacking them without aiming correctly.

As long as the probability percentage is altered depending on whether the enemy moves away or closer, the V.A.T.S. Fallout 76 tends to be used in a better way when you do not have the time to aim but you need to shoot, especially when the probability percentage starts to scratch 70% +. This means that using V.A.T.S. Fallout 76 is the best way to be more confident that bullets hit a target.

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