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Fallout 76: how to find Vault 94

2019-08-24 16:22:12

Through this guide in the game Fallout 76, if you are one of those who want to quickly dive into the raids, here we will explain how to find vault 94, follow our steps.

In this Fallout 76 game, the raid is only for 4 players, of course you can also do it in solo mode, every week you can complete new tasks in exchange for different rewards. Just keep in mind that the quality of these rewards depends on the difficulty you have chosen in the game, so it indicates that the best ones are in Expert Difficulty mode, and the most desired reward is to find vault 94.

 How to find vault 94 in Fallout 76

In Fallout 76, you can find vault 94 specifically northwest of the map, in the Mire de los Appalaches region, you must walk south of Red Rocket Mega Stop to the foot of the mountain. You will get a rusty ladder that will lead you to the entrance to the vault, you will get it completely covered with flowers. It seems an abandoned place, but if you activate the console in front of the door, it will open and allow you to exploit the interior.

As Vault 94 is in Mire, there are many insectoids roamed everywhere, which turn out to be very difficult to handle if you don't know it, which is why its construction has to be built around the Mire resistors. With this advantage you can ignore only 25% of an insect's armor, therefore it can be stacked to a maximum of 75%, only then can you kill the insects Look. But only this benefit can be achieved with difficulty Fallout 76 Expert, guaranteeing first level rewards.

What armor and weapons to use to find vault 94 in Fallout 76

If you want to find vault 94 in Fallout 76, we recommend as the best armor, the exterminator, you can use it if you decide to go only to the vault, it is the most efficient armor for more damage against Mirelurks. Now if you decide to go with a friend then we recommend Medic armor, with it you can heal yourself and your team in an effective way, it is even indispensable in the highest difficulties of the game.

If we move on to weapons we advise you that the anti-armor rifle is the right one, because it causes more damage than other weapons, since they are made to defeat more resistant enemies. If you can, we also recommend creating anti-armor rounds and anti-armor explosives.

 You will want a set of command advantages in both Expert Command and Master Command, especially if you use an anti-armor rifle, if not, you must adjust your advantages according to your weapon. If you have decided on the Exterminator's armor you should choose as your best charisma benefit to Lone Wanderer who will increase the resistance to damage, if you prefer the medical armor look for Field Surgeon and thus you can increase your healing power.

Finally we recommend 2 more benefits that you should consider in Fallout 76, the first Born Survivor of universal agility, this makes if you are in a battle heals you immediately and automatically. The second for luck is Critical Savvy, it allows you to increase the critical hit by reducing the damage to 45% when maximized.

We hope that with this Fallout 76 guide, you can find vault 94, following our advice, don't forget to select your best armor and best weapon when you decide to go through the vault.

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