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Our adventure in Fairy Tail allows us to do many things, including knowing where to find delicious Candy, let's see.

What are delicious Candy in Fairy Tail?

This is a rather rare but interesting object that we find in this game and to which we have access from the beginning, because as soon as we see it on the ground it is necessary to turn it since it does not appear in the same place, this means that to get another it will be necessary to go to another place, that if the important thing is to dedicate ourselves to carrying out inspections.
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    Where to find the delicious Candy in Fairy Tail?

    Generally these are usually located near the barrels, so it is necessary to carry out explorations of these places throughout the map, as soon as we see them it will be necessary to take them, because later on when the game has progressed we are allowed to use them to get some interesting rewards.

     To get the barrels where there are delicious Candy it is necessary to access some roads only that in some cases they are blocked, because this implies having to fight the roads and do some amount of damage to access the barrels, at the beginning we did not get many Candy Because some roads require a lot of damage and it is difficult to count on it, because the numbers at the beginning are not very high, some require 100,000 damages to be eliminated, others are lower and require 30,000 damages, a figure that at the beginning is complicated, which means you will need to come back later.

     These are the areas where we can get delicious Candy in Fairy Tail:

    •  1 Candy in the Border Forest.
    • 3 Candys on the Capital Highway.
    • 3 Candys on Hankobe Mountain.
    • 3 Candys in Magnolia.
    • 3 Candys on Tenrou Island.
    • 3 Candys at Akane Beach.
    • 3 Candys in the Sacred Mountain of Zonia.
    • 3 Candys in the Mikage Forest.
    • 3 Candys on the Great Plains.
    • 3 Candys in the Valor Mar de Madera.

     These are all the locations necessary to know where to find the delicious Candy, as this is a sweet task that we are allowed to carry out in Fairy Tail.

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