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Division 2: How to find Loot Cave for Farming Gear

2019-05-27 22:18:52

In games in which loot drops are integral to the progression, players will do almost everything possible to get the equipment and the objects as quickly as possible.

You can get it by finishing the bosses and other things, you can also get it by exploiting certain game mechanics to locate the farm locations repeatedly for many drops. In Division 2 these points are called Booty Cave, the same name is the cave of agriculture of the original Destiny, there the enemies have managed to generate without stopping generating a lot of loot.

Loot Cave for Power Leveling, Purple Mods and Gear Farming

How to Farming Gear

In Division 2 a booty cave has been added for the farm equipment and the players have gotten the way to grow garbage.

The fact is that the players will have to form a team with 4 people with LMG and fire turrets to be able to start the mission in the Headquarters of the Bank, either in a challenge or difficult until reaching the last rooms.

Isaac will indicate when they must press a button and you'll have to make the players of your team wait for the generation point, which is through an entry with "STORAGE" graffitized above it. After pressing the button you must return to your team and use the turret to prevent the enemy from leaving.

With this trick you can get a lot of reward in Division 2.

At the end of the time set for the mission, commit suicide with a concussion grenade and reappear at the checkpoint and you can repeat this process as many times as you want.

Don't dirty your conscience thinking that you would be cheating, because it really isn't cheating, but keep in mind that the loot caves have a short lifespan, since the developers take action quickly to avoid this type of methods.

In addition, Operation Dark Hours is live, this means that you can get the new weapon of exotic rarity.

The best and also the only way to get the new Assault Rifle of the Eagle Bearer is to execute the new Dark Hours Operation round-up every week, where there is the possibility of obtaining the weapon from a boss fall or from closed chests.

The developers have said they've no plans at least for moments to reduce the difficulty in navigating the new round.

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