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Destiny 2 has more action for us which allows us to tell you how to complete all seasonal challenges in week 6.

What does it mean to complete all seasonal challenges in week 6 for Destiny 2?

Simply getting involved in a series of activities where it will be necessary to focus on stunning in addition to eliminating the champions of the system, in this sense, knowing how to complete all the seasonal challenges in week 6 allows us to launch a search to choose to eliminate with the "Endless Night".

How to complete all seasonal challenges in week 6 for Destiny 2?

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    This is a somewhat complex task, but necessary to execute, in such a way that this leads us to develop each challenge in this way:

    • Challenge behind the curtain: our task here is to visit the Splicer server in the HELM in order to receive a message from Mithrax to start the search, this implies having the task of defeating the champions in any Instead of the system, it is possible to do it in the nullification and expansion missions, for the most part, however, there is the possibility of locating champions in Legendary Lost Sectors that can well be defeated in Destiny 2, all this is usually necessary to complete the mission of the "Path of the Splicer VI".
    • Challenge of the Herculean Protocol: we continue working on the task to know how to complete all the seasonal challenges in week 6 and this leads us to be in charge of defeating Vex, this action can allow us to get a progress bonus, in addition to eliminating him can be done in any part of the system thus implying to do it in the Override missions.
    • Eliksni Ally Challenge II: we continue working and this task offers us the opportunity to get the decrypted data, this usually works as a type of reward when we proceed to open Conflux chests, but to perform this activity we must reach rank 20 with the Splicer server.
    • Splicer Shotgun Challenge: this is a challenge that must be completed promptly and for this it is possible to use the Shotgun Ammo Finder and Shotgun Scavenger Armor mods, we must also have shotguns that can be used well among which the Riiswalker and With it, we can defeat the enemies that we get in the "Cancellation and Expulsion Missions" using shotguns, which not only allows us to complete the task, but also allows us to access rewards.
    • Challenge of Throwing the Stone: overcoming this task allows access to a legendary lost sector where we are allowed to stun the first champion found 50 times, this can be achieved by trespassing, crossing us or simply interrupting them.
    • Challenge It feels good to be bad: this is another of the necessary tasks to be carried out and this implies having the possibility of defeating all the invading enemies in order to defend the Bank and even having the possibility of invading everything that is possible In Destiny 2, this means that we must take care of defeating the Gambit Guardians and thus access a progress bonus, this is a task that can well be executed with our teammates.
    • Challenge of the Red Hat: beyond the legendary: this is another of the necessary tasks to know how to complete all the seasonal challenges in week 6 with which we come across and that allows us to participate specifically in the mission "The Red Hat" , We must bear in mind that this is only available through Lord Shaxx, it can only be carried out as soon as we manage to unlock the "Void Composure", once we get involved in the mission we can access to unlock the Heraldic Crucible ornament for the Null Composure Rifle.

     This is all we know about how to complete all seasonal challenges in week 6, so this can allow us to work a little and in this way continue to enjoy Destiny 2.

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