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Children of Morta: How to play - Beginner’s Guide

2019-10-22 11:00:56

If you are starting the game Children of Morta you will have many doubts about what to do, so we bring this Beginner’s Guide, to find out

Surely you have many doubts in Children of Morta so we are here to guide you, this is a very simple game, is a game with many bosses, weapons, enemies and objects that are all an attractive making the game interesting, if you are prepared and at a fairly favorable level will not have many problems to face the bosses, to help you bring this Beginner’s Guide.  

How to play Children of Morta?

  Here we will tell you with this Beginner’s Guide how to play Children of Morta, the first thing you must do in this game is to explore each of the corners as you can get a lot of different things, search very well within each map there are many things waiting for you anywhere hidden. The hidden objects can give you great relics and runes that will be very important to you to improve your statistics and your character, on the other hand you can get an additional ability with which you can bring down your enemies, it is also possible to get better weapons to increase your arsenal.

  Another very important thing to keep in mind in Children of Morta is to have a balanced team, this will give you great advantages in combat, making it easier for you to emerge victorious, a good team will have excellent power when it comes to confronting enemies. Balanced characters as support and as attackers will be your advantage, each of them has a specific skill so you must know how to balance your team.

Continuing with this Beginner’s Guide, we recommend that you play with a character that allows you to get a good range across the distance in their attacks, because it would be a lot of massive destruction aid, this character will continue to attack when other team members withdraw after a melee fight, we recommend Linda as a high-ranking attacker, she can shoot arrows from far away and cause great damage to enemies.

Why improve your characters?

  Another thing you should know in Children of Morta is that you must improve your characters, it is essential to update your characters regularly, this will make things a little easier and as you advance the game become more difficult. There are a lot of skills you need to get and a lot of traits that allow your team to make good profits, as well as giving your stats a big boost.

  To improve your character you only have to go to Berguson's house when you have enough gold and want to spend it, so we recommend not saving the gold is better to upgrade and buy what you need because as you progress things get more complicated.

  In this Beginner’s Guide we also recommend you to go through bright gates, these can take you to secret areas of the game where you can get more booty, the bright gates you can get in different places on the map, through them only you can pass along with the team that accompanies you, fortunately your enemies will not have access, so you will serve as an advantage to attack enemies that are close to the other side.

  This is all we can offer you in this Beginner’s Guide on how to play Children of Morta, so you only have to face the adventures that the game offers, we wish you good luck.

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