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BitLife: How to join the Mafia

2020-12-22 07:56:40

Learn how to join the mafia, being a new and necessary task in BitLife.

What to know about BitLife?

With the recent update of the content of the game we have that the mafia is available, which will lead us to join this going through the choice of between 6 different families, only that we are required to demonstrate the value before entering, so it is necessary that we understand how to join the mafia and the following details will support us in this regard, let's see them.

How to join the mafia in BitLife?

What is necessary to join the mafia is to turn 18, go to the occupations tab and look for the special careers where we will choose organized crime, once we graduate or reach the required age we will be able to reach to be able to join one of the different families, these being the following:


  •  Irish
  • Latin
  • Mafia
  • Russian
  • Triad
  • Yakuza


 Previously, some reputation is required, because they do not allow anyone, which will lead us to have to execute some crimes if we are caught until we are old, considering that a capture can lead us to restart the game, now it is possible that it will take a while In jail it can put us in the crosshairs of the crime families, bank robbery can put us in a better position to join the mafia, even before 18 it is possible to add a history and success in crimes is necessary to take the main step in our goal.

After that we go on to choose the family we want from the menu, there are some options for the request that are adequate to consider, among which the ideal is to wash their cars, the point is that we press the button to try to do the union and instantly we will have the results of accepted or rejected, it should be noted that when our work is received it presents us with a progress bar of notoriety, which is responsible for showing us the position we are having in the mafia family, what we must do from now on is constant and hard work to seek promotion, crimes are the best option for this and thus we will even become bosses.

 In conclusion, knowing how to join the mafia is excellent because we can advance more in this interesting and moved BitLife.

iOS, Bluestacks, Android
Life simulation game
Candywriter LLC.
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