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Today we bring you a Apex Legends Mobile guide where we will tell you how to download.

Why download Apex Legends Mobile?

Because it offers us the opportunity to enjoy this game from the comfort of our mobile device, so that knowing how to download allows us to access all the content from another platform, however, it is necessary to take into account that this beta version is not usually available. available in the United States, which makes it necessary to configure it in order to access the game.

How to download in Apex Legends Mobile?

  It should be noted that this game is highly limited for some countries in particular both in Asia and Latin America, which means that in order to download the beta version of Apex Legends Mobile we must have an account from these countries and these are:
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    • Argentina.
    • Australia.
    • Colombia.
    • Philippines.
    • Indonesia.
    • New Zealand.
    • Mexico.
    • Peru.
    • Singapore.


     Now, knowing how to download on Android is necessary:


    •  Go to the Play Store in order to touch the icon of our profile located in the right corner.
    • Then, we select the name of our profile and proceed to select add another account.
    • Next, we log in with our new Google account and have the region set to one of the previously mentioned countries and that may be closer to where we are.
    • Next, we reopen the Play Store and go to Settings.
    • Then, we locate General and then Account and device preferences to select Pis and profiles.
    • Next, we must select the country from the list mentioned above and change it to the country for which we have configured the account in advance, sometimes it is possible to use a VPN.
    • In the case of using VPN to configure the country, we must proceed to open the Play Store once again and proceed to search for Apex Legends Mobile.


     Note: if the game does not appear, we must delete the Play Store cache and open it again.


     Knowing how to download on IOS makes it necessary to follow these instructions:


    •  We must go to the configuration in order to touch Media and purchases.
    • Then, we must go to View account.
    • Next, we touch the Country or Region and then Change country or region and choose the one that we consider using to access the beta version of the game.
    • We must accept the license agreements once again for the region we have selected and provide an address for the region we have chosen.
    • We are asked to enter payment details, it is only necessary to select NO in order to skip.


     Note: it should be noted that in the case of using IOS we must change our region every 90 days.

     Now that you know how to download, it's time to try it out and thus access the content it has for you, Apex Legends Mobile.

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    Electronic Arts
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    February 4, 2019
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