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Apex Legends How to Get Crowns - tips and tricks

2019-08-14 18:40:29

We bring you in this guide the tips and tricks to get crowns in Apex Legends.

Why get crowns at Apex Legends?

Here we have in Apex Legends the current event, which leads us to be able to get crowns that help us to buy in the shop of events, which will help us obtain various objects, the only setback is that there is a time limit to get it . For more reason we must get crowns at Apex Legends before the time limit expires.

How to get crowns at Apex Legends?

We must finish the challenges in Iron Crown to win crowns, one of the obstacles is to cross the ring of fire of Gauntlet of Octane and achieve 50 deaths, if you do it you will be able to obtain 15 crowns and with other challenges you will release the Iron Crown Lootboxes that bring 30 crowns in each one, if you go in search of more crowns the last option is to buy the packages for Apex coins.

In conclusion you are expected to have the help you need to get crowns in this guide of the Apex Legends game.

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