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Animal Crossing New Horizons: How to Get More Money

2020-03-12 17:20:46

We are back with one of our Animal Crossing New Horizons guides for the purpose of explaining how to get more money.

  Money in Animal Crossing New Horizons will play an important role as in many games, to buy or even travel within this world, that is why we have the realization of this guide, to find all those answers that help us know how to get more money, just we have to pay our attention to the content that will be presented hereinafter detail by detail.

What should we know about money at Animal Crossing New Horizons


  In this game the bells will be the representation of money, there are many methods to cultivate money, this is transferred from New Leaf with certain changes, we have in this guide 2 ways in which we can obtain the bells, this being money, to understand more details it will be ideal to continue reading.

How to get more money at Animal Crossing New Horizons?


 Gem rocks


 In our journey we will come to find rocks that when broken will drop gems, these are valued in bells, equal to money, we have throughout the game different types of gems to find, where the value of each of these is different, we will see why a small list of the gems and the value that each one has below:


  • Sapphire: 2,000 bells
  • Amethyst: 2,000 bells
  • Emerald: 2,000 Bells
  • Ruby: 2,000 bells
  • Silver: 3,000 bells
  • Gold: 4,000 Bells


 Bell rocks


 Any rock we find turns into money, what happens when we hit it is that we will get bells, a single rock of this type will be able to drop 16,100 bells, but this will always depend on the blows that we will give it before breaking, so many Sometimes as we can we have to give a specific amount of blow, in this way we can get the most out of the rock, it means more money.


 In every moment that we give a successful hit we will be obliged to advance back to it, to look for all possible opportunities for success at the time of the hits before it breaks, the recoil distance can be reduced, if we create some holes or bushes behind us, thus achieving a shorter distance when backing up.

 Finally we have the guidelines that will help us in How to get more money, this way we can go ahead in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

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