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Call of Duty Warzone: How to Respawn - Tips and tricks

2020-03-12 18:17:42

 In our return we bring for you a Call of Duty Warzone guide to understand how to respawn.

 The most recent in battle royale we have Call of Duty Warzone, where many important changes have been added, certainly this genre normally does not stop for them, but this one has many things to make it unique, in this occasion we will have to look for answers in relation to How to respawn, let's see what brings us the content of this guide below.


What does it mean to respawn in Call of Duty Warzone?


 The fact that we get to die in the game, does not mean that it is the end of a battle, when we die no matter what, we will be sent to the Gulag, we could say that this is a purgatory, here we will have a 1v1 duel, what happens here, well the one who wins this duel will be able to respawn and it is good to consider How to respawn and we will know it now.

How to respawn in Call of Duty Warzone?


 Before we will respawn there is a possibility that we will have to wait a few rounds, we will be inside for a few minutes, now if our team is in a battle, our support will be missing while we get the chance to leave, something else to note is that our return will be in any of the three fields of the game at random, being also random our load, the health in the Gulag is not going to regenerate, meaning that we will have no way to recover, in the Gulag we have that each battle has a duration of 40 seconds, if there is no winner in this time, it has to go to the extra time.


 As time goes by, we have to generate the flag, the one who captures or kills his opponent will be the winner, three seconds is the time it takes for the flag to be captured, being vulnerable, after the 40 seconds pass it can happen that neither one captures the flag, it means that the one with the most health ends up winning and will respawn, now if both have the same exact health, both will be relocated, falling from the air without money or objects that they had before their deaths, as for how to respawn the Gulag can be used only once, we must consider that this will close at the time that the four rings collapse, so the option will no longer be present if we are in the last move, die again or being closed the Gulag means that we will be out, only the option remains that our partners have a lot of money and from a store can bring us back in Call of Duty Warzone.


 If our team has 4500 dollars it is possible that with the stores distributed throughout the map of Call of Duty Warzone we can return because these stores sell an option with the name of Redeploy Squadmate, this will make us respawn and we will be in the air anyway, without objects or money, In the event that all our team ends up dying and are defeated in the Gulag, we will be out of the game, in case you win one it is possible to reseed, then grow the currency that is used for the purchase of Redeploy Squadmate, the complication of this feature is to have all the money for the purchase of this option, otherwise this has no limitations.


 We already have all the options presented in terms of How to respawn, now if we are playing looting instead of a real battle, the functions of the Gulag and Redeploy Squadmate will not be possible to use, instead it reappears after 20 seconds and starting from the air, because in this mode the lives will be unlimited, the return will be without objects that we have looted before, without money too.

 We hope that the information presented here in How to respawn will serve to increase your fun in Call of Duty Warzone.

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