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Master My Hero Ultra Rumble with our ultimate guide! Learn How to Get All Currencies in My Hero Ultra Rumble, level up faster.

In My Hero Ultra Rumble, there are various currencies that players can obtain and use to enhance their gameplay experience. Each currency serves a specific purpose, and understanding how to acquire them efficiently can greatly benefit your progress. In this guide, we will walk you through each currency type and provide tips on how to obtain them effectively. So, let's dive in!

How to Get All Currencies in My Hero Ultra Rumble

Hero Souls - Your Gateway to Exclusive Items

Hero Souls are leftover currency obtained from rolling the gacha in My Hero Ultra Rumble. The gacha is a popular mechanic in many mobile games where players spend currency to obtain random rewards, often in the form of characters or items. Hero Souls are the remnants of this process and can be used to purchase valuable items such as Character Tickets and Gallery Pieces.

To accumulate Hero Souls, players can participate in events that offer rewards in the form of Hero Souls. These events may include specific challenges or missions that require players to complete certain objectives. Additionally, players can exchange duplicate characters for Hero Souls, providing an avenue to obtain more of this valuable currency.

Red EP - Event-Exclusive Currency

Red EP is a special currency that is only available during events in My Hero Ultra Rumble. This currency allows players to purchase exclusive skins, emotes, and other desirable items from the Event Shop. These items are often limited edition and can enhance the visual appeal of your characters or provide unique abilities.

To earn Red EP, players must actively engage in event activities and complete event quests. These quests are typically tied to the theme of the event and may involve defeating specific enemies, participating in special challenges, or achieving certain milestones. By actively participating in events, players can accumulate Red EP and unlock coveted items from the Event Shop.

Gallery Pieces - Unlocking Panels

Gallery Pieces are essential for unlocking panels within the game's gallery. The gallery serves as a collection of artwork, character profiles, and other visual elements that players can explore. These pieces come in three colors, namely blue, green, and yellow, and require specific amounts for each panel.

Players can acquire Gallery Pieces by completing achievements, winning battles, or participating in special events. Achievements often offer Gallery Pieces as rewards, encouraging players to accomplish specific objectives in the game. Additionally, winning battles against both computer-controlled and human opponents can provide Gallery Pieces as a bonus. Lastly, participating in special events that focus on collecting Gallery Pieces can offer a significant boost to your collection.

Agency Points - Boosting Yield

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Agency Points can significantly improve your yield while playing My Hero Ultra Rumble. These points can be utilized strategically to increase rewards and benefits in various aspects of the game. For example, players can spend Agency Points to increase the number of drops they receive after battles or enhance the effectiveness of their characters' abilities.

To earn Agency Points, players must actively participate in agency missions or complete designated tasks. Agency missions are special missions that players can undertake to earn rewards and progress in the game. By completing these missions, players can accumulate Agency Points and improve their overall gameplay experience.

Gold - The Standard Currency

Gold is the primary currency used within the Shop for purchasing various items. These items may include character upgrades, consumables, or even cosmetic enhancements. Gold plays a crucial role in the overall progression of your characters and can be obtained through various means.

Players can accumulate gold by engaging in battles and completing quests. Each battle victory rewards players with a certain amount of gold, providing an incentive to actively participate in battles. Additionally, completing quests, which are specific objectives that players can undertake, also offers gold as a reward. Finally, players can sell unwanted items in their inventory for gold, allowing them to clear out unnecessary clutter while still benefiting from the sale.

Hero Crystals - Rolling for Characters and Licenses

Hero Crystals are a valuable resource used to roll for new characters and enhance licenses in My Hero Ultra Rumble. Rolling refers to the act of spending Hero Crystals to obtain random characters or licenses. Licenses, in this context, are special abilities or enhancements that can be attached to characters to improve their performance in battles.

To obtain Hero Crystals, players can take advantage of login rewards, event participation, or completing certain achievements. Many games offer daily login rewards as an incentive for players to engage with the game regularly. By logging in each day, players can accumulate Hero Crystals over time. Additionally, participating in events, similar to Red EP, can reward players with Hero Crystals. Lastly, certain achievements within the game can offer Hero Crystals as a reward for completing specific objectives.

Character Tickets - Exclusive Purchases with Hero Souls

Character Tickets can be exclusively purchased using Hero Souls, providing players with the opportunity to obtain specific characters that they desire the most. These tickets are valuable as they allow players to unlock unique abilities and enhance their team composition.

To maximize the acquisition of Character Tickets, players should save up their Hero Souls. By accumulating a substantial amount of Hero Souls, players can strategically invest them in unlocking desired characters that align with their preferred playstyle or team composition. This approach ensures that players make the most out of their limited resources and have a higher chance of obtaining the characters they truly desire.

Roll Tickets - Unlocking Voice Lines, Characters, Outfits, and More

Roll Tickets play a crucial role in unlocking various aspects of the game. These tickets can be used to obtain voice lines, characters, outfits, and other exciting content. Voice lines add depth to the characters, while outfits provide visual customization options to make your characters stand out.

When it comes to Roll Tickets, players should prioritize saving them for desired characters before using them all at once. By saving Roll Tickets, players increase their chances of obtaining the characters they desire most. This approach also allows players to make informed decisions about which characters or items they want to unlock, ensuring that the Roll Tickets are used strategically.

By understanding how each currency operates in My Hero Ultra Rumble and employing effective strategies to acquire them, players can gain an edge over others. It is crucial to stay engaged in events, complete missions diligently, and make wise decisions when spending currencies. With these tips in mind, players will be well on their way to mastering the art of collecting all currencies in the game. Good luck and have fun!

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