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Master How to Block Incoming Attacks in My Hero Ultra Rumble. Learn expert strategies to defend against attacks and rule the game!

My Hero Ultra Rumble is an exciting battle royale game that requires players to defend themselves from enemy attacks. This guide will help you understand how to effectively block attacks, especially if you are playing as a support character. Unlike most battle royale games, My Hero Ultra Rumble does not have a dedicated block button. Instead, it utilizes a Guard Point system, which allows you to "block/absorb" or mitigate incoming attacks. Let's dive into the details!

Understand the Guard Point System

In My Hero Ultra Rumble, blocking attacks is done through the Guard Point (GP) system. It is essential to grasp how this system works before attempting to defend yourself.

The GP bar represents your ability to block and absorb attacks. It is located near your health bar and depletes as you block incoming attacks. The more attacks you block, the faster your GP bar will deplete, leaving you vulnerable to enemy strikes.

To maintain your defense, you must manage your HP and GP effectively. If your GP reaches zero, you won't be able to block attacks anymore, so it's important to keep an eye on your GP bar and strategize accordingly.

Master Dodging Techniques

Since using up your GP leaves you vulnerable, it is crucial to master dodging techniques to avoid taking unnecessary damage.

Pay attention to enemy attack patterns and timing. Each enemy may have different attack patterns, so it's important to observe and learn their moves to anticipate their attacks.

Utilize evasive maneuvers such as side-stepping, rolling, or jumping to avoid incoming attacks. These movements can help you evade attacks even if your GP is low.

Practice precise timing when dodging attacks for maximum effectiveness. Timing is everything in My Hero Ultra Rumble, and mastering the art of dodging will greatly enhance your defensive capabilities.

Refilling Your GP

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To keep your defense strong throughout the game, focus on replenishing your GP whenever possible. Here are some strategies to refill your GP:

Fill up your Plus Ultra scale: Accumulating Plus Ultra points up to 100% allows you to refill a portion of your GP. Plus Ultra points can be earned by successfully landing attacks on enemies or performing special moves.

Search for shield potions in chests: These potions can provide an instant boost to your GP bar when consumed. Keep an eye out for chests and prioritize opening them to increase your chances of finding shield potions.

Use fatality on downed enemies: Executing a fatality move on weakened enemies will also replenish a portion of your GP. Take advantage of these opportunities to both eliminate enemies and refill your GP, giving you an advantage in battles.

 Teamwork and Communication

In My Hero Ultra Rumble, effective communication and teamwork are key to surviving and blocking enemy attacks.

Coordinate with your team members to protect each other. Assign specific roles within the team, ensuring support characters are covered by more offensive characters who can deal with enemies quickly.

Communicate threats and incoming attacks to your teammates. By keeping each other informed, you can form effective defensive strategies and block enemy attacks together.

Mastering the art of blocking incoming attacks in My Hero Ultra Rumble is crucial for survival. Understanding the Guard Point system, mastering dodging techniques, refilling your GP, and working as a team will greatly enhance your defensive capabilities.

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