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The searches continue in Monster Hunter Rise which makes it necessary to tell you where to find the Rhenoplos egg.

What is Rhenoplos Egg in Monster Hunter Rise?

  This is simply a necessary resource that we must obtain in this game, for this it is necessary to go into a search, in such a way that we manage to get one because this is usually vital for the secondary mission "Dango Rabbit-with-eggs".
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Where to find the Rhenoplos egg in Monster Hunter Rise?

This search leads us to go to the Sandy Plains, this implies having the possibility of accepting some missions because this usually provides us with some amount of objects, for this it is necessary to go a little into the plains in order to reach area 11 of the map, this is a place well separated from the camp, which makes it a complex task, since this egg is usually a nest with which it will be necessary to interact, but that is not the problem, it is simply that it usually be oversized.

It is necessary to avoid dropping it because it will break, we must also be careful, there is the possibility of tripping and this will make the work not work, there may be enemies interested in hitting us and this can be unfavorable, in this sense, it is necessary to take care of climbing up the veins to return to the camp with the egg without breaking.

 In general terms, knowing where to find the Rhenoplos egg leads us into a dangerous search where being careful is crucial and in this way getting a valuable element in Monster Hunter Rise.

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