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Our tour of Monster Hunter Rise lets us tell you how to update your Kinsect, let's see.

What is the Kinsect in Monster Hunter Rise?

Before embarking on explaining how to update your Kinsect it is necessary to make it clear that this is simply necessary equipment that we have in this game, which allows us to choose the customization of some weapons and armor, this usually happens little by little while we do not enter some exploration activities, because here we are not only conditioned to hunt and eliminate monsters, there are other types of activities that it is vital to take advantage of.

How to update your Kinsect in Monster Hunter Rise?

This is a task that allows you to have some necessary improvements, because as you progress in the game it is vital to have as many advantages as possible, because the enemies can become more and more complex and it is vital to be as prepared as possible, In this sense, it is necessary to consider:
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  • It is possible to form a team while you are playing and for this it is possible to have the Insect Glaive who tends to offer some interesting advantages and improvements.
  • The Insect Glaive has the possibility of allowing some combinations that can be favorable in Monster Hunter Rise where it usually mixes speed, power and healing abilities.
  • It is necessary to choose to go to the smithy in order to update the kinsect for this you must search for "Menu Kinsect".
  • It is good to understand that to know how to update your Kinsect it is only possible to count two of them that can be purchased, and they are both the Mauldrone and the Culldrone.
  • Once you have the kinsect you must visit the smithy where you will have to select "Forge / improve weapon".
  • Then you must choose Insect Glaive so that it can allow you to open a tree of weapons and in this way be able to visualize the levels starting from two and beyond, also with these opens the possibility of increasing the hunter rank.

In this sense, knowing how to update your Kinsect allows you to eliminate monsters more easily, since the improvements that can be achieved are giving the possibility of developing with less complexity in Monster Hunter Rise, even when there are only two kinsect available, this allows you to have the possibility to speed up and in this way get out unscathed in the face of so many fights that usually occur with big and small monsters, however, as you progress you will get other kinsect, for which it is necessary to embark on some "Village Missions".

  • The Kinsect Culldrone has the ability to deal special slash damage.
  • The Mauldone kinset has the ability to deal considerable damage to attack monsters.

Now that you know how to update your Kinsect, it is time to run it and in this way get the most out of Monster Hunter Rise.

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