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If you read this article you will know how to get a sinister cloth in Monster Hunter Rise, so keep an eye on what we bring in this article

What are the sinister cloths for in Monster Hunter Risee?

The Sinister Cloth is one of the most difficult resources to find and one that will serve you well during the late game.

How to get a sinister cloth in Monster Hunter Rise?

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The first way is by hiring Meowcenarie and sending them scouting for resources. There will be 5 stops and your Meowcenary will make one stop for each search you do, when you finish your search you will return to feyline to get the rewards you find.

Make sure you go for a path that has a glowing node and some markers that look like a sparkle on the left side of the region name.

You will also have to select a Meowcenary to send it, you can hire them with Lory in the friends' square. Complete the missions and when you are in the shiny node you will have a chance to get a sinister cloth.

Although the chance of obtaining the cloth is low, we recommend having Meowcenaries searching for rare items to increase the possibilities.

I hope that with what is explained in this article you know how to get a sinister cloth in Monster Hunter Rise and your passivities to find it increase with the tips mentioned here.

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