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And before we talked about the Apex poison pickaxe, but today we are going to tell you how to get the king's pickaxe in Monster Hunter Rise.

What is the king's peak in Monster Hunter Rise?

This is one of the rare items that can drop from the Great Wroggi, however, there may be problems trying to get this pickaxe, so knowing how to get the king's pickaxe in Monster Hunter Rise, this article will help you do that.

How to get the king's pickaxe in Monster Hunter Rise?

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On how to get the King's pick, you first have to know that at the low rank of Great Wroggi armor, you will have a 5 percent chance of receiving a King's pick for every mission in which Great Wroggi was the goal that you complete.

The pickaxe is not obtain neither with glowing drops nor by carving the monster, you simply have to complete Great Wroggi missions. In this sense, we recommend catching the Great Wroggi instead of killing him, which will raise the chances of getting the beak to 15 percent in addition to the initial 5 percent chance.

Although the pickaxe is easier to obtain by hunting Great Wroggi at High Rank, the item does not appear as a quest reward, however you have a 12 percent chance of obtaining it by capturing Great Wroggi.

Although we recommend taking advantage of the reward for breaking the head of the Great Wroggi, which will give you a 70 percent chance of obtaining the pick you want.

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