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Angel Marquez
2021-03-30 15:49:25

More about: Monster Hunter Rise

This time we return with a Monster Hunter Rise guide, aiming to explain how to beat Ibushi, let's see.

What to know about Ibushi in Monster Hunter Rise?

It is one of the final bosses of the game, which consists of a wind snake, which in turn has Narwa as a companion a lightning snake, for this confrontation we must find ourselves in the mission of The Rampage, near the end of the game, with the objective of defending the village of Kamura from multiple waves of monsters until we need to understand how to beat Ibushi once he makes an appearance, so the details that will help us come next, let's follow them carefully.

How to beat Ibushi in Monster Hunter Rise?

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Once we have defended the Kamuri village from the waves of monsters we have the arrival of Ibushi, what we will do is go to the upper mines that are on the left to take the resources that are in the hidden well, reaching an area more open of the village that presents a series of platforms to use them, then it is necessary that the cannons are activated and seek to keep Ibushi away from the main door, as for How to defeat Ibushi we can rely on that it turns out to be weak to fire, therefore we will use it in the canyons, seeking that our targets to hit are the head, arm, chest and tail, because the windsacs that are in these parts of the body allow us to add significant damage. Regardless of the distance this boss can be complicated, this more if he uses his hit-and-run tactic, then the strategy to follow is that we equip fire, dragon and water element weapons to be able to cause greater damage, if we focus on the tail with the dragon element can cause 35 damage taking into account an effective synchronization, because being a fluid dragon we will see it move constantly, it is important that we are not in the same place for a long time, on the contrary it is necessary to perform the throes of projectiles from cannon to cannon, we have to move with rhythm, and we can do it using the grapple to even avoid their attacks, another weakness that Ibushi has is poison, as part of the strategy it is appropriate in Monster Hunter Rise and this combat have a Palico or Palamute to help us stun him with a flurry of blows, when this boss falls into such a situation we can make his health bar drop considerably, until it reaches to admit defeat to him, and he will fly away, while he leaves as a reward a set of armor that allows him to resist the attacks of ice and thunder.

Now that you know how to beat Ibushi, just do it and tell us how it went with this final boss in Monster Hunter Rise.

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