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We keep talking about Monster Hunter Rise and this allows us to tell you how to get Ace Hunter coins.

What are Ace Hunter Coins in Monster Hunter Rise?

These are undoubtedly a necessary element in this game, as it is part of the necessary materials that allow us to access some weapons or armor, there is the possibility of getting them from the beginning of the game, in this sense, knowing how to obtain coins Ace Hunter allows us to carry out an interesting search, ideal and necessary for the powerful bow feather, in this way we are going to immerse ourselves in telling you everything you need to know.
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How to get Ace Hunter Coins in Monster Hunter Rise?

 There are two ways to get hold of it, however, whatever it is necessary to understand that they usually come from the "Arena" missions, although it is true these missions have some restriction in terms of weapons, because we are only limited to doing use of 1 of the different ones that we have, we also carry some objects and armor, from there we enter this search that is usually done in this way.


 First way.

  •  It is necessary to commission us to complete Arena 05.
  • We must take care of facing the players with a Rajang in the arena, as we must limit the options we have with weapons.
  • Working with heavy bows, large swords, dual swords, spears or long swords is an option to choose the one that seems best to us.
  • Completing the hunt for 50 minutes and completing the mission should provide you with the Ace Hunter coin, this means being in rank B.
  • It is necessary to take charge of defeating the Rajang in just 10 minutes, because with this we managed to reach rank A.
  • On the other hand, taking down the beast in less than 4 minutes and seconds is interesting, since it allows us to reach the S rank.


 Second way.

  •  This option leads us to complete Arena 06.
  • This new mission that has recently been incorporated into this game makes us face a Rajang, as well as getting involved in hunting various monsters where it is possible to see Volvidon, Bazarios and Bazelgeuse.
  • It is necessary to take care of reaching rank A and this makes it necessary to defeat these three monstrous in just 15 minutes.
  • In the case of wanting to reach the S rank, it is necessary to beat them in less than 9 minutes, since we not only reach the rank if we do not get the coins we require.
  • It is possible to apply either of the two ways, the one that we consider more favorable or convenient, because in the end the objective is to get hold of the Ace Hunter coin, because even though these missions usually represent a challenge, it is necessary to do and complete them, because at the end of all the fruit of the effort is really worth it.

 In this sense, cognizing How to obtain Ace Hunter coins allows us to work hard and persevere to achieve the objectives in Monter Hunter Rise, try it and tell us how it goes.

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