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We invite you to discover How to get Monster Fluid, a new task in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

What to know about the monster liquid in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak?

It is a necessary material for the elaboration of weapons, this is obtained by defeating some of the specific creatures, even for goods it becomes useful, when combined with the secretions of insects it forms an adhesive, to be up-to-date on what to do to get liquid from monsters let's keep a close eye on the details below.

How to get Monster Fluid in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak?

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Through 4 monsters we are going to get it, these being Volvidon, Bnahabra, Altar and Rachnoid, regardless of the low rank we can easily access it, you just have to kill the right monsters, while for the cultivation of the monster liquid we can consider directing the retarians, which is very simple to do, considering that the monsters will be in sector 6 of the Frost Islands, these are small insects with a bulbous tail, you have to wait for their tails to glow green to attack them, We will see them in groups of two and this for us are higher possibilities of obtaining this element, apart from everything we can consider some missions focused on the 4 monsters mentioned before, thus having more options to obtain liquid from monsters.

The locations of the monsters and their drop percentage for this item are as follows:

  • Volvidon: This one is found in Sandy Plains, Lava Caverns, and The Citadel, with a 15 percent chance that it will drop monster liquid.
  • Altaroth: Found around Shrine Ruins, Frost Isles, Flooded Forest, Sandy Plains, and Lava Caverns, with a 25 percent chance to drop this item.
  • Bnahabra: We find it in the ruins of the sanctuary, frost islands, flooded forest, sandy plains, and lava caverns, with a 17 percent chance that it will drop this resource.
  • Rachanoid: in the sandy plains and lava caverns, we find it, with a 32 percent chance that the element will drop.

Finally, now that we know how to get Monster Fluid, we can move on to Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

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