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Master the art of How to destroy enemy equipment with the RGL-80 in Modern Warfare 3

Welcome to this guide on completing the RGL-80 Forged camo challenge in Modern Warfare 3. In this challenge, players need to destroy lethal equipment planted by the enemy team using the RGL-80 as their secondary weapon. While it may seem challenging at first, we have some helpful tips and strategies to make it a bit easier for you.

How to destroy enemy equipment with the RGL-80 in Modern Warfare 3

Understanding the Challenge

The RGL-80 Forged camo challenge requires players to destroy specific enemy equipment, such as Claymore and Proximity Mine. These items are not commonly used, which adds an extra layer of difficulty to completing this task. It's important to note that field upgrades do not count towards this camo unlock, so focus on destroying the designated equipment instead.

Equip the Engineer Vest

To enhance your chances of success, we highly recommend equipping the Engineer Vest for this challenge. This piece of gear helps you spot enemy equipment through walls and highlights them with a red outline, making them easier targets for destruction. Having this advantage will significantly improve your efficiency in completing the challenge.

Keep the RGL-80 as Your Secondary Weapon

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As mentioned earlier, keeping the RGL-80 as your secondary weapon is crucial for progress in this camo challenge. Make sure to equip it before entering matches and stay consistent throughout your gameplay sessions. Having the RGL-80 readily available will allow you to quickly switch and destroy enemy equipment without wasting time.

Be Patient and Observant

Since enemy lethal equipment is not commonly used, you'll need to be patient and observant during matches. Keep an eye out for any signs of Claymores or Proximity Mines being placed by enemies, and take advantage of those opportunities to destroy them using your RGL-80. It can be helpful to play defensively and hold down key positions where enemies are likely to plant their equipment. This will give you a better chance of spotting and destroying it.

Communication Can Help

Don't hesitate to utilize in-game chat to communicate with other players during matches. You can kindly ask enemies if they would be willing to plant the required equipment, as many players are often helpful and understanding during their own camo grinding sessions. This approach can save you time and make the challenge less tedious. Remember to be respectful and polite when asking for assistance, as not all players may be willing to cooperate.

Another effective communication strategy is to play with a group of friends or join a clan. Coordinate with your teammates to plant enemy equipment in strategic locations, allowing you to easily destroy them with your RGL-80. Working together as a team can make the challenge more enjoyable and increase your chances of success.

Completing the RGL-80 Forged camo challenge in Modern Warfare 3 may initially seem daunting, but with the right strategies, it becomes much more manageable. Remember to equip the Engineer Vest, stay patient and observant, and consider utilizing communication to request enemy assistance. By following these tips, you'll be well on your way to unlocking the Forged camo for your RGL-80 and enjoying the satisfaction of destroying enemy equipment with precision.

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