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Today we have an interesting guide for you where we will explain how to send text chat in Modern Warfare 2.

What does texting chat in COD MW2?

  Having a communication mechanic that usually makes a difference in relation to previous deliveries, so it is necessary to know how to send text messages in Modern Warfare 2, these game mechanics are usually available in the beta that we have enjoyed these weekends. week and that allows us to have the ability to chat with both groupmates and enemies, it is not a new feature to communicate like this, what is new is that this mechanic can be applied to do so with players from different platforms.

How to send text chat in Modern Warfare 2?

  It is necessary to take into account that there is more than one way to access the chat in the case of PC players, in this case it is necessary to consider:
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  • Pressing the Enter key because this allows us to open the text when to write, for some players this mechanic has worked.


  To know how to send text messages in Modern Warfare 2, it is necessary to access the chat and this implies:


  •   Press Options or the Esc key to open the game sidebar menu only this works when in a game.
  • We must move to the Channels tab and go down to the Lobby box where we click on it.
  • Next, let's pray to the tab with the text box icon and we will see the possibility of sending text messages.
  • We must take care of looking at the bottom on the right side of this box where we will see the options to change who we will send the message to, call it team, lobby.


  This is everything you need to know about How to send text messages in Modern Warfare 2, so just follow these instructions and you're good to go.

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